Storm Doris to hit UK this Thursday (Doris Day)


How will YOU be spending it?


Rather than talking about the storm (serious weather like this never makes it as far as Bristol) I’d just like to remind everyone that Doris Day is still alive.


really? wow.


Well im going to the tottenham vs Gent game… well thats going to be a bit shit now.


Cant wait for another storm be nothing more than a wee bit of rain and brolly unfriendly wind.


Some people call me Doris awoop awooo


Looking forward to my friend’s dad posting a picture on Facebook of an overturned plastic patio chair with a “Remember Storm Doris” caption


Out of the way
In the pouring rain


Dunno. At work.


At work - probably having a slightly more difficult day than normal because massive winds and a fleet of 16’4" tall trailers aren’t a great mix.


Battening down the hatches, stocking up on canned foods, etc.


Sounds like a pretty standard day in South Wales to be honest.


Windy out


cycling in to work today I stopped at some red lights. Had to put both feet on the floor to make sure I wasn’t blown over. :cloud_tornado:


My weather app says it’ll only get up to about 26 MPH round our way so I’ll just treat this as a blustery day, I guess.


I took the train in which was absolute bollocks.

Pub later.


Got very wet on the way in. Haircut, cinema and theatre this afternoon.


Really enjoying the fella on the radio talking about Doris this morning. Especially when he said “still, things can only get better!” as he put the D:Ream song on


happy doris day

snowing here (shitey wet snow)


Windy out