⚑🌩 storm watch 🌩⚑

Thread for storm chat and images both past and present :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

One summer a few years back I found myself beneath a very intimidating cloud. Sky was clear other than this one black thundery sparky cloud. Also I hear thunder now


No rain. Blue skies as far as the eye can see (which admittedly isn’t far due to the density of housing).

If we get a storm it is definitely only happening when I am asleep and unable to enjoy it.


none forecast here til lunchtime tomorrow at which point it is due to kick OFF.

thought I just heard some thunder, but it might have just been a car, idk



Live lightning map!



Feel short-changed at not getting the billed London storm yesterday. Fuck u Barry Hogan give me a refund

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Remember when Lightning Bolt played four times in one weekend?


No storm here yet, apparently it’s going to go bananas for a couple of hours tonight, then get super sunny again tomorrow before doing the full Tchaikovsky tomorrow evening. Pretty ready for this weather to break, it’s 22 with 85% humidity here right now and it’s too damn much.

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That’s really good, love the thunder front feature

26Β° outside, definitely over 30 inside but too hot to go check the thermometer

Alright blind melon


Oh no, that’s way too hot, massive sympathy

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Big storm between Auxerre and Dijon.

Nothing doing here. Lots of ominous looking cloud, but it’s still 26Β°c outside and humid af. Meant to go mad tomorrow afternoon

wow that looks like godzilla breathing fire or something!

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wish we had a storm here :frowning:

The Duisburg area is also getting a thorough storming at the minute, loads of electrical activity over the French/German border


No storm but I don’t think it’s been very warm the last few days either


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I like my storms Russian and flamboyant, what can I say?

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