⚑🌩 storm watch 🌩⚑

I remember the good ol days where thunder n lighting was forecast for today and not Thursday, cant believed they making me put up with another day of this hell


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It all appears to be kicking off west of Kidderminster

I liked this that I took a few years ago :slight_smile:


Saw a whole bunch of sky flashing to the east just now, but nowt here.

Coming out way now

Literally non stop lightning here for the last hour

it’s 30Β°c in the bedroom here and it’s somehow the coolest part of the house

plz help

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No clue how sleep will be achieved tonight

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Might sleep on the bathroom floor

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Top tip, choose tonight to pour all you’re ice cubes onto your bed.

Worst comes to worst you’ll have to got ice lollies tomorrow and ice cream on Thursday, but if you’re packing sorbets you might be able to push that back indefinitely.


Top tip, if you’re moving to another room with a socket for more than just fetching, why not take the fan with you?

so tomorrow it will be fractionally less hot than today, but i won’t be able to have my window open?

absolutely fuck this shit

Plug it into a very long extension lead and wheel it round with you on a trolley

Woooftttt can confirm that there is a storm where I am (I am in Edinburgh)

It’s risky, but sometimes we all need to make sacrifices

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Why’s that?

I should be able to sleep as I put a water bottle.in the fridge so I could cuddle.it when I went to bed to keep me cool. It was successful but the fucking neighbours are keeping me awake. Dickheads!!!

Bring the rain, please bring the rain

It keeps on getting postponed by a day >:(

Last night was unbearable. Perfect mix of no wind, humdiity in the 90s and a temperature above 25 alllllll night looong

Wednesdays are burglary-day down Wiggy way.

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