Stormy friday night ⛈ 🌪


was suddenly very aware of all the scaffolding, cranes and precariously placed flower pots on my way home :grimacing: stay safe out there.

how’s yer friday night lookin’? v lazy night of chinese takeaway and video games for me I reckon. but what about yous??

eric xo



Jet TV set me up for an afternoon of zero concentration, so I stopped pretending to work about 4.30 and opened a bottle of wine.

Off out to a friend’s this evening to be cooked for - some kind of Korean feast I think :kissing_smiling_eyes::ok_hand:

I thought the wind had died down and then just heard an almighty whistling and thought the tree outside was about to come down so who knows if the flat will be here when I get home later.


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Just listening to old FIFA soundtracks

Slightly confused as to why the FIFA 2001 one didn’t spark any nostalgia in me despite knowing I spent a large chunk of my life creating faces and stuff for it

Trying to get from West London to Camden for a Paradise lost gig.

Not feeling confident about the next tube.


Jet TV really slowed down my rate of working so guess who’s finishing some work this evening?!


Worth it

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Hello. Power has been out at my house since 10am and apparently might not be fixed until 6pm tomorrow. Currently sat in the car with the engine running charging Mrs F’s phone and waiting for my dad to bring us F’n’C for dinner in the dark. Had better Friday nights tbh.

Korean MMO and trying to find bands to listen to that sound like early Weezer but aren’t shit. Standard.

Nobody say Puppy, they don’t pass the “not shit” threshold

Had a heavy lunch. Not really hungry just now. Might be after some :alien:

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Sometimes think 1997 wasn’t that long ago really. But then I realise that’s the year I was playing FIFA: Road To World Cup 98 and its centuries ago


Love is Blind
Glass of wine


should be about 45 minutes away from sweet, delicious £7 London pints. instead I am scanning documents. big big friday at casa tunes.

you’re a poet and you may or may not know it

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Have you tried early weezer


Never heard of them

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Shit week. Parents have got McDonald’s on the way and I’ve insisted on paying the driver extra tip for coming out in this weather.

Plan is: catch up on last night’s Apprentice, watch TLOVM with flashinglight and then play Horizon Forbidden West :relaxed: