Stormy Friday

Not that windy here yet. Don’t have any milk or bread in, that’s annoying

Loads of work to do but then off for a long weekend in Liverpool, and a night in Eyam on the way home. Going to fuck off vegetarianism and eat some lovely fishy tonight

Fucking yes!


Wind’s on

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Been deciding what time to go in to work like Sting and Krusty this morning:
“You don’t have to come in for 9 if it’s bad, what about 10?”
“10 is meant to be really bad”
“what about 11”,
“11s worse than 10”
“When’s the least bad time”
“For 9 probably”

So I’m going to work as normal. Our recycling bin is still where I left it last night. Pathetic.


What with having covid and storm Eunice, the universe is really telling me to stay in today, eh?

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There’s freezer bread and oat milk, lads!


Morning guys!

At home so expect some top content - how do you do a hashtag on a mac?? idk


Relatively wind-free here for now. Was raining but is now almost sunny.

Going to take the dog for a quick walk and then batten down the hatches and hide indoors for the rest of the day, as tempted as I am to go cycling in force 10 winds.

you can copy mine #helpful


I think it’s alt 3?

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Rain’s just started lads

Morning all!

It had snowed lightly overnight but is getting heavier now here. The ground seemed pretty slushy when Wor Lass took The Child out.

I’m due to be on campus for a class this afternoon but might wait until a bit later before I leave.

Morning everyone :blush: delighted it’s Friday. Just sat on my sofa drinking a cup of tea before starting work.

@xylo did I tell you I actually am going to the ballet after all next weekend?? Still would rather see some with you one day obvs but yay! Matthew bournes the nutcracker!


# HASHTAGS are #on


Winds started a bits The coffee shop over the road has put all their chairs and tables out which seems brave so I’m keeping an eye on those :eyes:


Just bought Richard Hawley tickets for July.

Thinking of getting Unthanks ones too.

Exciting day.

Where do birds go in this weather?

Think I’m in one of the only bits of the UK with no weather warning, so it’s taps aff and kicking it outside all day.

In actual news, am in the office running a 4 (four) hour team session. Nae kids tonight so trying to formulate a plan that involves eating some fine fine food that neither me or the TV need to cook or wash up for. Also, currently listening to The Roots.

Just gone outside. Status: quite windy. Going to pick up some #coffee and go to #work. Think that’s about it. Thought I was going out tonight but it turns out that’s not the case. Nothingy friday imo.

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Thanks for the #

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