Stormy innit

Loads of lightning about.

Getting a bit big for your boots here


No sorry that’s Stormzy again

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Shut up

MiniWza keeps referring to my toothpaste as ‘stormy one’.

It’s Arm & Hammer, like so:

My best guess is that she means ‘strong one’, but she says it so confidently that I’m starting to question myself. :person_shrugging:

Has she managed to accidentally use it? Nothing quite like the look of a child who’s just discovered the exceptional minty strength of adult toothpaste. (Maybe the baking soda feels like a storm in your mouth, eh?)


I didn’t think she had, but the suggestion of baking soda feeling like a storm has made me wonder. Good suggestion.

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Also now wondering if the link could be frothy :arrow_right: cloudy :arrow_right: stormy (from when I spit). Don’t think I’ve ever explicitly referred to that, so there’s room for some best-guesswork there. She does know the word froth, but we’ve obviously been brushing teeth since before then. Hmmm.