Yesterday he got justifiably angry at the NME after it turned out they decided to use him on the cover even thought he wasn’t up for it.

So I bought the album in solidarity.

It’s good, isn’t it? Maybe a little too long but that’s about it.


Yeah, it’s really good. Like you say, a bit long. I’d happily cut out Velvet, 21 Gun Salute, 100 Bags, Don’t Cry For Me, Crazy Titch & Shut Up to be honest…


I like Shut Up but yeah I think the Titch track will get a lot of skipping just because that kind of vocal thing gets boring.


I think it’s boring but I’m glad he’s doing well.

Grime is definitely hurtling back down the tunnel towards 2007 levels of pop-grime shite though.




Saw that one yesterday. Great work!




In the same way that alt j would be good if you weren’t an indie fan, yeah


Woah mate, my indie fandom is definitely not the thing holding Alt-J back.


checked the album out, some of it was pretty shite. big for your boots is a tune though. gonna hear it 8 million times this year so may as well get used to it


More than the music I’m a fan of Stormzy himself and what he’s been saying about mental health stuff recently.


It would be significantly better if it were 20mins shorter, but some fantastic tracks there.


don’t like the shitty production on grime records. that awful 808 sound kills any interest i might have.


nah - who else has released shit like this recently? Most Grime MCs are sticking to proper grime.

In Stormzy’s case I think he genuinely loves this kind of sappy pop/r&b stuff, he’s not doing it to sell more records. Which is why I low it. When you’ve got tunes as good as Cold, Mr Skeng, Big for Your Boots & Return on the Rucksack you can do what you like with the rest of the album.