Storytime ☕


Pls use this thread to share any story. I’ve got one about a robot :robot:

Ok so my friends and I love a museum late and we were all looking forward to one that my friend was actually involved in with her work at a uni. So the science museum does a late once a month, and a little after 7 I’m outside the museum where a few people are milling about, but I can’t see my friends. As I’m a bit late I assume they’ve all gone in, so I tell the lady at the door that I haven’t got a ticket for tonight but my friend is working and has my name down. She checks the iPad and says she can’t find me. I insist that I’m on the list so could she check with someone as I’m a bit late already and my friends are waiting? She comes back and says she can’t find me but never mind just come in. She hands me a tote bag with a weird robot on it (the late is about disease) so I assume it’s about some current exhibition or whatever. I go to the toilet and ask in the group chat, where are u all?? And they tell me they’re at home because the event is next weds. I’m like…but I’m in the museum!! It’s open! It’s only meant to be open for a late once a month??
I carry on into the main bit of the museum feeling like a giant moron but also a curious moron and a scared, fraudulent moron who might get thrown out at any minute. There is a gathering of people with waiters giving out wine and canapes and I hang about at the back when speech time is announced. The robot on the bag is also there. The speeches are from an engineer and the relatives of the robots creator, who turns out to be called Eric and is the first robot ever built in the uk. It dawns on me that this is the opening of an exhibition for family of the original creator and the scientists involved with recreating Eric the robot. I stay for the speeches because I don’t want to look rude and exit this small gathering, and run away the second I can even tho security is like “going already??”. It’s a great bag tho and the speeches were really interesting! I was only so insistent on getting in cause I thought it was my friends event, didn’t even occur to me that they had a private function :sob:

Museums (a hot take thread)


Did you chat to any of Eric’s fam?


Haha god no I just stuck to the edges of the group and legged it the second speeches were over! I was terrified someone was going to ask me about my relationship to the situation :joy:


Amazing! I don’t know how you manage to get into these kinds of scrapes all the time but I love reading about them!


how many free drinks and canapes did you consumer please?


None! I don’t drink or eat dairy but if they had something good I probably would have been too scared to go for it lmao I was actually terrified the whole time


Have you still got the bag jb? Is that picture current in the op?


love this jazzy x


I took that photo for the group chat on the day (friends wanted a blow by blow update) but yeah I still have it!


what was that amazing story you told on here once? Seemed to involve some awks? Maybe in another museum?


Oh man is it the one when an old man peer pressured me into doing a dance :joy: :joy: :sob:


that’s the one! amazing scenes


I remember once going to a record fair and there was a big meeting in the function room next door with a huge buffet lunch and free drinks. Was really tempted to sneak in but unfortunately it was a reunion for 1970s oil-prospectors or something so didn’t think I could get away with it. Did once read an article about a man who does that sort of thing for a hobby though-


Oh what? How are they not dying of stress


The free tote bags and canapes probably make up for all the stress