Straight Outta L.A (30 for 30)

I watched this documentary earlier about the L.A Raiders and the N.W.A. Well worth watching if you’ve not seen it (though arguably too short, and not improved by Snoop Dogg’s appearences).

The general premise is how the rise of the band and rap in the city coincided with the football team’s move from Oakland and how there was huge crossover between the two audiences.

Anyway, i was wondering if people can think of other examples of when music, sport, fashion, and i guess politics given the riots, etc, have come together in one place in such a definitive, centre of the universe way?

Not one of the better 30 for 30s imo. Though they are almost all worth watching and probably worth a thread for their consistent excellence. Top 3 imo are:

  1. Hillsborough
  2. The two escobars
  3. The best that never was

Having read the rest of the OP, I guess the answer you were gunning for was Manchester in the mid nineties

Agree that it’s not one of the stronger ones overall, doesn’t tug at the heartstrings enough or have much of a story arc, but it’s a decent attempt at documenting the time period and is visually excellent.

Not sure about Manchester as an answer. The start of United’s period of success came after the Madchester/Gunchester stuff.

The John Barnes rap on World in Motion, obviously.

EDIT: Honestly forgotten how ridiculously uncomfortable New Order look in that video having to hang with with Keith Allen clearly thinking he is THE SHIT. :smiley:

Really looking forward to the ric flair one

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