Have you ever been stranded anywhere? Missed the last train home? Been on a ship that sinks? That sort of thing?

I got a train to Luton by accident once.

Can you imagine?


What did you do? Could you get back home?

There were no trains home. My mum came and picked me up cos I was 17.

Not a great anecdote, all told.

How far did she have to drive?
Was she PISSED?

nah she was just glad her boy was okay :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Luton is about an hours drive so not too bad.

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Who can blame her for loving you?

many have

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I got on the wrong schoolbus home on my first day of senior school.

Wasn’t really stranded as such, but ended up sitting there too scared to tell the driver / hoping beyond hope it’d eventually take me to my stop.

Eventually all the other kids got off and the bus went from being a schoolbus to picking people up at a local workplace.

I sat there quietly crying because I knew my Grandma was expecting me at hers and I thought I’d be in big trouble and I had no idea how to get home from where I was. Some of the adults that got on the bus told me and alerted the driver, who bless him, got me right up to the front of the bus, showed me loads of cool bus stuff, then went out of his way to drop me off a street away from Grandma’s after he’d dropped all the workers off.


What a nice man!

Yes, many times I’m sure but I used to drink a lot so I can’t really recall any decent anecdotes for you ma0smsy.


Had to spend the night at Stansted once when I was 17 and didn’t realise how much time it took to get there. Great times

Strandsted more like!!!


Was supposed to get a train from wokingham to bracknell once, where my mum would pick me up on her way home from work (i was about 17). Wokingham had no screens telling you what train was arriving and as i got onto the platform there was a train about to leave and announcer muttering “calling at bracknell [blah blah etc]” over a crackly speaker so i got on it.

Unfortunately I’d misheard and ended up at Blackwater, a place I’d never heard of before or since. Think i had to get my dad to come and get me.

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Got stuck in Newark airport Marriott hotel for a few days after we were evacuated from the departure lounge on 9/11. In the grand scheme of things it wasn’t much of an inconvenience, but we had no luggage, no cash, and there were no ATMs there, so we we couldn’t really do anything other than sit in the dining hall in the same clothes and try to sleep.

That’s ok, I’m just grateful you took the time to letting me now scouto

I do remember missing the last bus from Liverpool airport and sleeping there all night.

I’d been to Dublin, it was years ago, and for some reason had bought a loaf of brioche home with me (sure it before you could get it readily here), and I crawled into a space behind a shop and the main windows and used the loaf as a pillow.

Yes, at Paddington one Saturday night in 2008, owing to the fact that we were 2000 and late for our train and no one would answer their phone and give us a floor to crash. It was a cold, dark, long night and we had no fun.

All this bleak accounts are reminding me of my own I’d blocked out. Curled on the floor of Piccadilly station overnight (because even though I lived in Greater Manchester at the time, getting home after 11pm was literally impossible, stupid transport network)