Strange encounters

Fuuuuck. On the one hand, so frustrating she didn’t twig, but on the other hand, at least nothing worse happened!

Yeah, pretty scary in retrospect! I guess the burglar wasn’t expecting to be offered a hot beverage, must have thrown him off a bit. He must have thought my friend had lost the plot.

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That’s unreal! They’re a nice family actually. I’ve been on the piss with her granddaughter, Riley Keough, before. Lisa Marie Presley is friends with a mate’s parents and stays with them occasionally.

Not as many as you perhaps…but the concept of a vacant person entering a room then leaving without saying anything is creepy.

Met Björk at a Battles gig at the Astoria once. She was coming out of the ladies loo as I was about to go into the gents. I say “hi”, she said “hi”.

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