Prompted by the fact that i found a CD of theirs in a box full of stuff, who remembers this lot? They were a bit like Suede as i recall.


I remember this song that went “CHRRRRRRRRIIIIST!” because it was on a free CD from Q magazine that my dad had.

That’s all I’ve got, sorry.


I think they’re still knocking around here in Bristol. A couple of them are / were in a good band called Saturation Point who released a few albums and the singer fella plays solo now and again (he’s good) and walks around a lot.


Love & Other Demons… was a good record.

She’s Everywhere… Living With The Human Machines… Sway… some real good songs there


Oh yeah, i remember ‘Sway’. I bought that single. It had a cover of ‘Moon River’ on the b-side.

The only album i have is the third, self-titled one from 1998. I may try and pick up 'Love & Other Demons; and ‘Time For The Rest of Your Life’.


I was in a Strangelove video from…1997 maybe?

Decent band - always seemed on the verge of a mainstream breakthrough…


I prefer The Strangeloves.


I used to really like Strangelove. ‘Love and Other Demons’ is a really good album. I haven’t revisited them in a while though.

I saw Patrick Duff play solo a couple of times after the split and it put me off a bit. He’s a very unhinged man who had fallen on hard times (homelessness/ drugs) who started getting aggressive with some audience members. It was all rather intense.

This is a great song:


Recall seeing Patrick Duff do a solo show about 15 years back. He was either brilliantly bitter or playing that character for showmanship and either seemed possible :grinning:


I saw them a few times in the 90s. Those pinstripe trousers he wore with opaque tights underneath…the trousers kept getting shorter every time I saw them play. One time a bunch of us ended up going to a club with three after a show in Glasgow and it got quite messy.


I remember them, really liked them at the time. I’ve got their three studio albums.

Time For The Rest of Your Life was great, Love & Other Demons was ok but their self titled third album wasn’t that good.


Oh dear, that is a sad sorry. Do you know how he is doing now? Did he manage to get his shit together?


I don’t, it was a fair time ago though. A quick google reveled he is doing this now, so hopefully he’s got his life back on track:


Their first album was great, and not at all like Suede, they had more like Smiths/Joy Division type influences.

They were very serious so either you buy into it or find them po-faced and pretentious. Their 11-minute ‘Is There A Place?’ which ends the first album is amazing.


Definitely a like for “CHRIIISSSTT!” Don’t get bored of that.


Used to bloody love this band. Perennial support band, saw them loads of times as a result (Manics, JAMC, some Melody Maker tour with Pusherman, Elcka and Powder). Always really intense, especially the closing part of “Is There A Place?”

I’ve got most of their stuff floating around, all the albums and CD singles. Also got a vinyl EP with a cracking version of Motorpsycho Nightmare.


The sort of band inextricably linked in my mind with those Volume CD/magazines in the mid 90s. Pretty sure they were on all of them (I may not be remembering that accurately).


I’ve still got a couple of those Volume CDs, they were a great source of less available tracks in the days before the internet;

Sharks Patrol These Waters - Best of Volume (concentrated on guitar based/indie tracks. including one Strangelove track!)
Wasted - Best of Volume (was more electronic stuff)
Volume Fourteen Reading '95 Special


Saw them supporting Radiohead at Manchester Uni on the ‘Anyone Can Play Guitar’ tour.


Me too! Well the Leicester leg anyway.