Prompted by the fact that i found a CD of theirs in a box full of stuff, who remembers this lot? They were a bit like Suede as i recall.

I remember this song that went “CHRRRRRRRRIIIIST!” because it was on a free CD from Q magazine that my dad had.

That’s all I’ve got, sorry.


I think they’re still knocking around here in Bristol. A couple of them are / were in a good band called Saturation Point who released a few albums and the singer fella plays solo now and again (he’s good) and walks around a lot.

Love & Other Demons… was a good record.

She’s Everywhere… Living With The Human Machines… Sway… some real good songs there


Oh yeah, i remember ‘Sway’. I bought that single. It had a cover of ‘Moon River’ on the b-side.

The only album i have is the third, self-titled one from 1998. I may try and pick up 'Love & Other Demons; and ‘Time For The Rest of Your Life’.

I was in a Strangelove video from…1997 maybe?

Decent band - always seemed on the verge of a mainstream breakthrough…

I prefer The Strangeloves.

I used to really like Strangelove. ‘Love and Other Demons’ is a really good album. I haven’t revisited them in a while though.

I saw Patrick Duff play solo a couple of times after the split and it put me off a bit. He’s a very unhinged man who had fallen on hard times (homelessness/ drugs) who started getting aggressive with some audience members. It was all rather intense.

This is a great song:


Recall seeing Patrick Duff do a solo show about 15 years back. He was either brilliantly bitter or playing that character for showmanship and either seemed possible :grinning:

I saw them a few times in the 90s. Those pinstripe trousers he wore with opaque tights underneath…the trousers kept getting shorter every time I saw them play. One time a bunch of us ended up going to a club with three after a show in Glasgow and it got quite messy.

I remember them, really liked them at the time. I’ve got their three studio albums.

Time For The Rest of Your Life was great, Love & Other Demons was ok but their self titled third album wasn’t that good.

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Oh dear, that is a sad sorry. Do you know how he is doing now? Did he manage to get his shit together?

I don’t, it was a fair time ago though. A quick google reveled he is doing this now, so hopefully he’s got his life back on track:

Their first album was great, and not at all like Suede, they had more like Smiths/Joy Division type influences.

They were very serious so either you buy into it or find them po-faced and pretentious. Their 11-minute ‘Is There A Place?’ which ends the first album is amazing.

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Definitely a like for “CHRIIISSSTT!” Don’t get bored of that.

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Used to bloody love this band. Perennial support band, saw them loads of times as a result (Manics, JAMC, some Melody Maker tour with Pusherman, Elcka and Powder). Always really intense, especially the closing part of “Is There A Place?”

I’ve got most of their stuff floating around, all the albums and CD singles. Also got a vinyl EP with a cracking version of Motorpsycho Nightmare.

The sort of band inextricably linked in my mind with those Volume CD/magazines in the mid 90s. Pretty sure they were on all of them (I may not be remembering that accurately).

I’ve still got a couple of those Volume CDs, they were a great source of less available tracks in the days before the internet;

Sharks Patrol These Waters - Best of Volume (concentrated on guitar based/indie tracks. including one Strangelove track!)
Wasted - Best of Volume (was more electronic stuff)
Volume Fourteen Reading '95 Special

Saw them supporting Radiohead at Manchester Uni on the ‘Anyone Can Play Guitar’ tour.

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Me too! Well the Leicester leg anyway.

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