Stranger than things 2: The strangening

Released 27th October.

Anyone still interested?
I’ve managed to avoid all trailers, previews, reviews, spoilers etc… so I’m going to watch it with interest.

I didn’t get the massive hype for the first one to be humble, ranking it an OK on my own scale that I wont bother explaining

yeah, i’ll watch it

Doubt I’ve got anything better to do :sweat_smile: All in one lump, or weekly?

I think its bingeable if that’s your desire.

think I’ll end up watching 2 per sitting… hope to get it watched in a week or so.

I enjoyed S1 and I am looking forward to this one.


It’s getting really good reviews

Strangerer Things

First season was the definition of a 7/10. Looks like they’ve really played up the nostalgia stuff again which was clearly the worst thing about it. Don’t have massive expectations so I’m sure I’ll watch and enjoy.


Perfect! Looking forward to it.

Enjoyed the first season. ATM I very much prefer fun, warmhearted stuff like this to those other shows desperate to be taken srsly by critics. You get some laughs, some thrills, some chills. What’s not to like.


25 minutes and Eric hasn’t told us it’s total shit yet. Can someone check on him?


sort of forgot over the last year with all the fuss everyone’s made over it that i really enjoyed the first season. i just watched the ‘recap’ before s2 starts (very clever, thanks Netflix) and was surprised at how much it made me excited for the new season.

half way through the first episode and it’s already very funny & such an easy thing to watch.

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Got a bit meta, lads


4 deep. Very enjoyable despite it being a complete rip off of everything you loved growing up. When the kid with curly hair puts the thing in his fish tank, it even has the EXACT same music from Gremlins.


Watched the first two episodes- enjoying it, but so far max’s bro is a bit too much of a cliche/trope even by this shows standards…

Dustin is so great :smile:


of all the 80s films to reference, I didn’t think they’d do a tribute to adventures in babysitting

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also love that Sean Astin is playing a little bit of every role he’s done, including 24 :grin:

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“Halloween. Trick or treat.”

Goddam I love this show.

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sorry i’m late, yeah it’s awful