Stranger than things 2: The strangening


Why though





I dunno Sean Levy just comes across like the most annoying man ever, all the other guests seemed great in comparison


I don’t know! Her character is so unlike the average teenage girl and so when it rolled straight from the closing dance scene into the Beyond… discussion I found it really jarring.


I mean, the Beyond thing was worth watching for the audition tapes, and for the Duffer Bros faces when someone makes a comment about D&D. But not within seconds of the end credits rolling, for me. Because I just wanted to scoop Eleven up at the end of the series and still had all the warm and fuzzies from the closing scenes and then…annoying teenage girl.


She’s great


How so?


Dunno, not sure I buy her understanding the concepts of love and lust etc so quickly, the only indication I guess is from her tv watching but I don’t remember there anything important there (also just found it a bit sickly I guess)

The scene where she sees “Papa” is very odd too because we accept that Kali can do (Jedi) mind tricks - akin to Luke seeing Darth Vader in the swamp - but the fact that he says some future plot points suggests she can get right into Eleven/people’s subconscious which again there’s no previous indication of (at least in Star Wars Yoda is a master). I guess if it turns out “Papa” has these skills too then it could work, but it just seemed like yet another clunky jump.

Her stuff with Hopper/mama was really good though.


In fairness I thought this too…it was pretty jarring


I mean we are all agreed that episode is a mess and only really exists for that one scene and that Eleven has some humility/wants to use her powers for good anyway right. These are important of course but it’s handled a little clumsily (which is my real complaint about the series)


I think there is a decent chance that the writers introduced the new characters to begin a Heroes-style direction for future series. Hopefully, the universally negative reactions put them off that idea


The one scene being where she finds how to get the power to close the gate, you mean? It’s in there also (apparently) as a sort of pilot for what S3 will bring. Messy as, though.


OH yeah when I was watching at the time it felt very clear it was setting up next season


Apparently the x-men episode was a backdoor pilot for a spin off show.


She is a normal teenage girl, “annoying” is part of any teenager’s traits.

Think the thing that surprised me and didn’t know was that she has a super posh British accent IRL but she is a great young actress so fuck it.


So I heard, they’re going to need work pretty fucking hard for anyone to give a shit about it


But Eleven isn’t, which is why I warmed to her so much in the series.


You’re aware actors often portray characters that aren’t like them irl right