Stranger than things 2: The strangening


This is brand new information!

Yes. I’m just saying, watching the round the table thing immediately following the last episode was a bad move as I found her really irritating in real life.


Just started on the first series. Properly brilliant how they’ve got all the characters so spot on compared to the classic eighties buddy movies. Feels like a sort of ten hour Goonies/Stand By Me. The themetune’s great as well.

Not sure about Winona Ryder.


I think thats what saves it really, the story doesn’t amount to much but the characters and chemistry is enough to make it quite alright


so we’re all agreed this is rubbish now then? jolly good.


preferred season 2 to season 1, but still less than the sum of its parts, would give it a 6.3 out of 10


Oh Bob :cry:


Not sure why I just saw this, and it’s been a little while now, but…

The whole side-plot with Jonathan and Nancy was very Pixary in the way it went about the relationship (Wall-E/ beginning of Up especially), but maybe I was just expecting that due to knowing that it was one of the Pixar guys… I dunno.


God the stuff with Will towards the end is really just lifted straight out of The Exorcist


I’m now thinking this is the tv equivalent of The Avalanches Since I Left You.


Yes, it’s called a reference, there are lots of them in the show. I think you’re expecting this show to be a 100% new and original TV, when it’s not, and it’s not supposed to be. You’re analysing what is essentially a nostalgia trip far too much, who cares.


Enjoying how wound up people are getting about this


OMG you’re holding a tv show about nostalgia up for its dodgy writing “waaah”


You’ve posted more than anyone in this thread. Calm down, it literally doesn’t matter.


Perfectly calm pal :slightly_smiling_face:


But you know, it is a thread discussing a popular tv show…




That condescending gif is better written than the show!!!


You’re actually seething with rage.


I know right, you can see the fury from here


Ah okay, I guess I see that. I think that’s more that Pixar are referencing that sort of thing from earlier films as part of their appeal to an adult audience.

Like the whole sequence with the beds in @moker’s house is more reminiscent to me of films like The Secret of My Success and 80s rom-coms.

But I never really thought too hard into how Pixar stuff is put together.