Stranger than things 2: The strangening


When @badmanreturns likes @anon80418723 it’s like the 80s crossover TV episode that never was

[Someone’s probably going to tell me there was an ALF / Harry and the Hendersons crossover now.]



I really want to hate these vinyl editions but they look really nice

so I guess I’ll just have to hate myself instead


Whenever I’ve bought some fancy splatter vinyl it never looks like the picture, the worst was the Belly reissue, basically ended up a white with some pale coloured streaks in


Completely agree with everything here except Winona Ryder, because she’s obviously brilliant.


I like how when these guys flawlessly pull-off homage it’s lame, yet when Tarantino does his usual over-indulgent wink-to-the-camera crap people here can’t love it enough.


Tarantino’s a wank too


Prob the best thing about it tbf


Also, I’m pretty sure I could stick a poster back to the wall after escaping, it wouldn’t be that hard. If your blu tack was sticky enough and the poster heavy enough, just letting it flop back behind you would probably stick it to the wall.




Trump, Facists, Sexual Predators in powerful positions, usual shit.


Pretty late to this but can I just say that it S2 was brilliant. Every episode was standalone brilliant. Everyone involved with the show deserves credit.


Yeah reckon attaching the top part would be no problem, the bottom part would sort itself out


EVERY episode?


Episode 7 was ‘standalone brilliant’, in that it’s ‘brilliant’ that it ‘stood alone’, well away from all the other episodes.






Getting a distinct Ed Furlong vibe about the lad who plays Jonathan Byers.


6 episodes in, just checking in to stake my claim for Steve :heart_eyes: fancy him so much.


Just watched episode 7. JFC, I thought the one silver lining to Suicide Squad was that it was so shit that no-one would try to replicate it for 20 years.

Other than that aberration the season has been really good again :slight_smile:


Ep 7 was fucking awful but I thought it finished strong and ended up enjoying it quite a bit after a slow start.