Stranger than things 2: The strangening


Christ, I can’t believe you guys were seriously suggesting @nebbie be a mod :scream:



Was it the fact he was picked up on cocaine charges? You reckon he’s due to slide into a drugs hell and never work again?


To be fair, he was in Comanechi before going to Hollywood so his coke habit probably dates back to his minor indie celeb days

Ps sorry @imaperv you’re gonna have to get behind me in the Steve queue :heart_eyes:


Great hair great look, big fan of Steve :+1:


went to a london expo once, furlong left the signing table to wander around, he started to ask me about star wars figures at one of the stalls, later saw him try and chat up faith from buffy


In 1991, when Furlong was 13, his 26-year-old tutor Jacqueline Louise Domac began a romantic and sexual relationship with him on the set of Terminator 2 that lasted throughout Furlong’s teen years, including cohabitating in what Domac called a “quasi-spousal relationship.”



Am I the only one here who’s never seen any of the 80s movies they’re riffing on :sweat_smile:


nah, I haven’t seen any either.

Still thoroughly enjoyed this season, punk episode aside.

Dustin is the absolute star of the show if you ask me. And Hopper, he’s more my type than Steve.


How about Under the Skin? That’s a film from not even that long ago it also rips off



You seem weirdly committed to having something negative to say any time someone posts in this thread.


I have a google alert set up


Think you might want to sort out the speed of that alert, took you two whole minutes to reply!


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I fancy the cop


you have rubbish taste


His storyline as 11s surrogate dad really got to me


Best thing about the series I reckon


Nope pal. I’m totally fresh to this jazz (unless it ever rips off Sixteen Candles or Heathers)


spoiler :cat:

just watched the episode where the cat gets eaten and wish they’d put a warning or something. don’t like watching violent scenes in any show but find it a bit annoying when it’s ok to show animals dying and not humans