Stranger than things 2: The strangening






“Halloween. Trick or treat.”

Goddam I love this show.


sorry i’m late, yeah it’s awful


Just watched the first two. Might commit to lazing around and watching the third in a minute. I think I’m currently finding the aftermath of last season’s events way more substantially interesting than the central mystery to the first, so I’m hoping that feel is sustained.



I’d forgotten about Young Jean-Ralphio as well


Sean Astin is a Men In Black I’m sure of it. Planted there to keep tabs on the fam. Don’t fall for it Joyce!

Also, Joyce is such a good character. Love how she always improvises these methods of solving the mysteries, like the lightbulb ouija and tracing the static on the TV.


Finished it. More of the same with the same being “pretty good”

Biggest disappointment was my gf somehow misreading Sean Astin as Steve Austin during the credits while I was in the kitchen and telling me that Stone Cold was in it.

Also, I love Brett Gelman so that was a welcome bonus.


Finished it. Pretty entertaining. Episode 7 with the punkyfish x-men gang was probably one of the worst episodes of anything I’ve ever seen.

Properly bawled my eyes out at the Snow Ball scene at the end.


Could not believe what an absolute dive in quality that was compared to how awesome everything before and after it is. The limits of the show were pretty brutally exposed for 60 minutes tbh - turns out they’re the town limits of Hawkins. Anything bigger and it just doesn’t have much identity or point.

But everything else has been delightful as always. Was very much shipping Lucas and Madmax even though I was always the Dustin in those sticky teenage love triangles. Feel like the kids were eased aside a bit too much but otherwise it was grand.

Also, how bloody likeable is Sean Astin? Love how he’s just a normal guy who somehow ends up in big budget blockbusters.

Also, a moment of silence for Bob :cry::candle:


Also don’t care for how Madmax got shit on almost constantly. Fucking sort it, Stranger Things 3.


Yeah that was truly excruciating


On episode five. It’s alright. But keep thinking that the plot’s only progressing because all the characters are acting like idiots and making really stupid decisions and that’s annoying me a bit.


A video about how they make the title sequence- not as CGI based as you would think.


watched up to episode 6. think it’s got a lot better over the last couple episodes but The Dart thing and all the alien things creeping around in the tubes felt like it was basically watching Alien Steve is still my favourite character, also a big fan of the dads/step dads


“We’re all patriots in this house.”


3 eps in (not reading thread in case of spoilers)… whys everyone pretending like this quite earth-shattering super natural event from a year before never happened?


I thiiiiiink it is talked about from episode 1 by a few characters (Joyce, Steve, Lucas maybe) that they were all made to sign hundreds and hundreds of NDAs by the government “so the Soviets wouldn’t find out”


Yeah ok, but they’re barely acknowledging it with each other… and the school surely was damaged as the epicentre of the final boss battle… there’s a load of blood in the halls ffs


Men In Black cleaned that shit up bro, plus I assume they do talk about it with each other in between scenes that are of interest to the viewer. Otherwise every week in Hawkins is actually only an hour long and full of dramatic incident.


…well that’s kinda lazy