Stranger than things 2: The strangening


I get you, and I totally appreciate the point, but if characters just discussed the events of the first movie or series and didn’t do anything interesting or exciting to move the story forward you’d end up with the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


Obviously I’m not saying all they should be doing is ruminating in what’s happened in the previous series, the narrative must of course move forward… it’s just a bit odd that everyone who witnessed this pretty earth-shattering event (given there’s no reportage within the show’s universe of this happening elsewhere, yet) seem to just be a bit like “oh well that was fun huh”


It’s likely this will get less annoying as the series progresses I’m sure, just struck me as a bit off


Half way through S2. Bit like TWD in that the setting is grand and i feel like it could be a great show if someone bothered to write a decent storyline or two. Just feels like a vehicle for the creators to show off how eighties they can be.


Really enjoyed this. I get the criticisms but I think it works despite these instead of getting bogged down by them. There’s no denying there are some direct rips from E.T, Gremlins, Close Encounters and Aliens (almost shot for shot in some instances, and certainly the content of certain scenes) which can feel pretty lazy. I think it works because it’s slick as hell, the characters are largely great and the score is ace. The story could be better, but the characters are really lovingly drawn which is why it rises above other genre pieces.

Episode 7 was a stinker mind. I really hope this isn’t a precursor to what they want to do in S3. It’ll got the way of Heroes if so.


To be fair to them I think they really do make it clear that they can’t talk about it out of fear of being heard and killed by the government bad guys. There is a subplot a bit later in the series where Nancy tries to get justice for Barb and this is driven by everyone keeping silent about what happened in season 1.


Ok, we will see how it develops, but I guess in the case I’d have taken a little more of that in their interactions. I get they are worried about government but a bit more direction showing that paranoia would have been nice? I dunno let’s see.


Just watched episode 4

FFS Dustin is such a liability. His cat was so sweet as well :frowning:


Also on a non-spoiler note, funny how pretty much everyone has a Reagan sign up except for Dustin’s mother.


The one thing I was dreading was the Heroes-ification of Eleven’s story. I was relieved they kept it to one kinda self-contained episode though.

On another note, I thought the kid playing Will was brilliant this season, given the amount of stuff he had to do (especially compared to s1).


Will was properly amazing this season. The bit where he was shouting at the shadow monster to go to away was ridiculously powerful. It’s hard to see such a sweet kid in so much distress, he really sells it.


He’s also great. He looks a bit like a young Steve Buscemi :smile:.

Great cast all round really. Half way through and really enjoying it. Sure it’s not the greatest programme ever made but it’s very well done and good fun, and I like most of the characters.


God I’m half way through episode 7 and it’s so shit


Nothing more embarrassing than any TV drama trying to make edgy punks look cool or dangerous/threatening in any way


Am I able to just skip it or does if have bearing on the rest of the series?

I guess at this point it’s only 25 more minutes of my life, but jeeeez


Skip that shit!


It was actually a mercifuly short episode, thank god


I’m on the fourth ep and I do like it well enough but at the moment it’s become a nostalgia loop: the show pines for the eighties and now Elle’s pining for last season’s dynamic, and it’s just too much looking back for me. It’s like it’s folding in on itself! I’m sure it’ll kick into gear and go somewhere at some point though.


Gonna watch TWD tonight, then when TV gets home we’re gonna start a binge.

Been listening to an extended loop of the theme tune for about half hour


There was a palpable sense of deflation in the room when we were watching it. It had absolutely no bearing on the remaining episodes either, which is really irksome, other than she learned things have to change as part of growing up.

Should have just had that whole arc be her discovering the files, finding her mum, then Hopper figuring out where she’d gone and tracking her down, she runs away in anger, he finds her in the woods, big cathartic moment, (“YOU LIED! FRIENDS DON’T LIE!” “I DID IT TO PROTECT YOU!”), she learns the coming-of-age lesson that way, her and Hop reconcile, now adoptive father-daughter barrel into the last act. No need for shitty cyberpunk Lost Boy homages at all.