Stranger than things 2: The strangening


‘punkyfish x-men’ might be the most accurate description of anything ever :smile:


thought the first season was pony. definitely not watching the second.


did eric put you up to this?


no, has he already been in?

edit: yes, of course.



David Harbour reminds me of Louis CK with his mannerisms


I binge-watched it all at the weekend and really enjoyed it. I love that it’s heavy on the nostalgia and doesn’t really take itself too seriously. I especially loved the bit where Max’s brother flirts with Mike’s mum :rofl:

I really didn’t enjoy the ‘punkyfish x men’ bit either!

Oh man, Bob :cry:


Got episode 7 tonight! Absolutely can’t wait, I haven’t heard one good thing about it. Even the episode rating on IMDB drops from a 9 for every other episode to a 6.6 for this one


Two episodes in so far. It’s good fun.

Love that Sesame Street thing @kiyonemakibi posted. SS’s parodies and tributes are usually so brilliant :grin:


Seen the first two episodes and thought they were great. Not looking forward to this happening.


Got 2.5 episodes to go.
It’s actually quite shit, isn’t it? Enjoyable enough, the kid actors are good, but the actual storyline and the monster is really crap. But enjoyable enough shite.




Just a bit of well-made, well-acted fun isn’t it? Not expecting it to be particularly complex.


Lucas’s sister :joy:


She looks so much like Tracy Morgan it’s untrue


Halfway through. Dear God make it stop


Have they started rocking out in their camper van thing yet?


They Shirley have


Very cool, right? You’re in a cool rock band, you must be able to relate to a scene like that surely?


Half expecting them to say “TURN IT UP TO ELEVEN!”, then turn and wink at the camera