Stranger than things 2: The strangening


Episode 8 - how Garth Marenghi does the outside of that hospital look?!


also this episode is well Jurassic Park. Good that they’ll rip off a different film each episode. They’re consistent, at least.


Think I’d like it next season if they just ditched the monster stuff and made it Freaks and Geeks V2


Episode 6

Liking this Dustin/Steve buddy thing. Steve might be my favourite character which I definitely wouldn’t have seen coming after a few episodes of season 1


watched it all - enjoyed

very sad about Bob :cry:


oh yeah i finished it today too. lovely stuff. other than episode 7.


Yeah but WRONG ERA guys! :wink:

I enjoyed Stranger Things 2 overall. Episodes 6 and 7 had big issues but that’s about all.


Episode 7 had some important things to say and setup I guess but man it was a slog.


I think it’s implying how people tend to want rational explanations for things. At the time you could basically assign anything to commies and it would be believed, and it was ‘easier’ than blaming Islamic extremists now because it was about infiltration and a foreign state that was painted as being very technologically advanced and clever. Thus you just say communist incursion happened and it was stopped but we don’t talk about it for National Security reasons, etc.


I’m not sure this quite answers my point BUT I do agree and it’s yet another classic trope of sci-fi, going all the way back to Invasion of Body Snatchers


Yeah sorry, in terms of main characters I somewhat agree with @anon30627475 that we don’t spend ages on rumination, but also I think you have to consider no one wants to bring it up?

Mike is still obsessed with Eleven but she is presumed dead and he’s traumatised. We can assume the period where

Dustin and Lucas thought he should be talking about her is gone now so it’s internalised.

Will knows it’s not over and has done since he spewed up that bug last Thanksgiving or whatever, AND he’s being chaperoned by his mum so he isn’t really wanting to talk about it due to trauma.

I mean the four of them are trying to move on with their lives. The older kids clearly don’t want to necessarily talk about it because there’s a whole love triangle there for Nancy and she does in fact make it clear to Steve that they SHOULD be talking about stuff (maybe that’s more like episode 4 or 5 though). <-- for eps 4,5,6 maybe?

Hopper’s trying to keep a lid on Eleven.

So what I’m saying is they all have their personal reasons for not even talking about it with each other. We know that if people overheard it might mean jail for any of them. They can’t freely talk and frankly in many ways they don’t WANT to talk about it.

(Joyce is definitely still talking about it with My Two Dads / Carter Burke and Hopper so in that sense it’s alive?)


ffs guys lighten up




I think my point was more to do with acting/direction than dialogue, idk, I stopped watching


Yep. I even said “Clever Girl” just before Bob got demadogged. Felt well smug when I timed it perfectly. Poor Bob.


Argh why can’t I stop reading this thread, I’ve only watched the first two episodes.


just finished this, after being way too late with the first series.

Really like it to be honest. Obviously it’s not high brow great, but of fun popcorny tv it’s pretty much the best thing. Currently, anyway. Not really liked any of Netflix’s output but this is a big exception.

It’s weird, cos I sort of agree that the plot’s not all there, and I usually have absolutely no time for stuff that foregoes originality for being homagey (eugh new Star Wars / basically every Franchise film), but I reckon it actually successfully recaptures the 80s John Hughes charm that pretty much everything in contemporary cinema/telly lacks, even if it might be a bit cheap. Just think it’s really well put-together - perfectly cast, great characters, really well put together, original score etc. Decent set-pieces.

Specific criticisms/good stuff:

Most of the new cast members were really good, which is rare for second series. Their families, Max, Bob [:cry:] - all good lads. Max’s stepbrother wasn’t great admittedly.
Obviously episode 7 was terrible, and I reckon they wasted Eleven (the best character) a bit this series, but she had a good relationship with Hopper. Hopefully the negative reaction will make them reconsider doing anything else like that.


Watched the first four episodes yesterday.

Obviously it is enjoyable in a light and fluffy way, but I am finding the nostalgia element nigh on unbearable. The soundtrack and what’s on TV and at the arcade. It’s all way way too much, especially given how much it rips off all the films of the time concurrently.

Might be more attuned to it this season than the last, but it’s on the cusp of ruining the show for me.


5.5 hours in, had to take a break. Started to feel uncomfortable.

Was googling for that behind the scenes title creation video and stumbled across this. WHAT THE HELL? :sweat_smile:


I’m sad there’s pretty much nothing I liked about it. The only really good being being Dustin naming his new kitty Twos.