Stranger than things 2: The strangening


Episode 8

See, this is why I take the stairs rather than the lift.


A few more episode 8 thoughts

FFS nice move leaving the gun you pillock

Hey, it’s kind of like the TV show Knightmare!

RIP Samwise Gamgee :frowning:

‘Analogy? That’s what you’re worried about right now?!’

Good episode


About to watch the last one, I think. Episode 8 was an improvement; I felt the season started off well and kind of lost me as it focused more on the again-not-all-that-interesting-or-developed conspiracy mythos stuff as opposed to the characters and tone.

Definitely felt like that aspect of it was brought more to the forefront in 8, which was welcome.

Didn’t hate 7 as much as other people, probs cause I ended up with really low expectations for that one from reading stuff about it.


Just finished episode 4. Nice to hear a bit of the Haxan Cloak on the soundtrack. Wish Bobby would put something new out soon.


Season 1 - 6/10
Season 2 - 7.5/10 (loses half a mark for episode 7)

Favourite character in season 2: Steve
Favourite line in season 2: 'Analogy? That’s what you’re worried about right now?!'
Most confusing part of season 2: Paul Reiser playing a good guy?


You never watched My Two Dads?


What was the deal with Max’s step brother distrusting the main group? The way he talked seemed as if he was in on something, as did the fact that he (to my mind, inexplicably) knew their full names and Mike’s home address.


I think in future seasons, it might be best if the Duffers do a Lynch on it and direct every episode. The last two episodes were written and directed by them and, imo,captured what’s good about this show far better than some of the slightly more filler-y middle episodes.


He got Mike’s details from Lucas’s folks presumably


On episode 8 now :scream::scream::scream:


Pretty sure that was supposed to be mostly racism towards Lucas. The first he’s really aware of them is when he sees Max arguing with Lucas and then he tells her something along the lines of “there’s a certain type of people that you stay away from”.


I suspected that, but they convey it in such a strange way and try to skirt around actually presenting it as bigotry, that I struggle to think why they would have included it as a theme in the first place.


Yeah, it sort of flashes by quite quickly and isn’t elaborated on much.


Been doing it in bursts of three episodes, and just finished.

  • Andrew Stanton directed episodes 5 and 6, which is reeeeally weird but kinda cool. You could tell that the whole Nancy and Jonathan thing was coming at it from such a different angle, and that was a bit jarring, but he did it mostly pretty well.

  • Episode 7 was like a shit early episode of Buffy or something, but at least that whole strand was just for one episode, rather than stinking out the whole series.

  • Liked how Sam Gamgee was almost too nice, and gave suspiciously bad advice to Will, but turned out to just be a nice guy


MVPs this season:

  • Dustin (my all time fav)
  • Lucas’ wee sister


I don’t really understand thsi reference? I mean I didn’t really spot his direction being much different - what were you spotting?


Yeah, this was odd. Like @joe I thought maybe the point was supposed to be racism but either the Duffer Brothers were unsure they could make a good job of elaborating on this or else we assume that because it happens to be Lucas that she’s hanging with?

I mean I think it’s also possible the point is really just about his power over his sister as a release valve for his hatred of his father. In that context it may be he’s just hating anyone who his sister seems to connect with and thus make her life MORE shitty. And on another level, he is clearly the kind of guy who would hate nerds and it’s pretty obvious as soon as he sees Lucas that’s what he is.

Finally there’s the big fight at the Byers’ house where it doesn’t really feel like it actually goes anywhere. I dunno, I feel like if it’s motivated by racism he would say something inappropriate at that point? He doesn’t and he’s just as happy to go for Steve over Lucas.

If it is meant to be racism I think it’s pretty shitty of the Duffers not to actually make a point rather than leaving it all vague like that.


Like in the new IT. Exact same thing between the bully Henry and Mike. In the book he’s explicitly really racist isn’t he, and the original TV series, but in the film it’s kind of danced around and he doesn’t say anything beyond “Stay out of my town” or something.

TBH, I can kind of see where the Duffers and the director of IT were coming from, 'cos there’s been a few instances last few years of white writers having their characters say racist things that, even tho the intention is to make an anti-racist point, they’ve been absolutely dragged for. On the other hand…IDK. Why bother including it as a subplot if you aren’t going to have the character be explicitly racist to confirm “this character is bad”. Makes me think they were aiming to make the step brother racist on top of everything else but maybe they decided he’d be good for a redemptive arc during season 3, a la Steve, and viewers are conditioned to know now that characters who are racist are beyond redemption but bullying a small girl in a kinda creepy way can be fixed?


Or maybe someone at the network stepped in and were like, “If you make this guy explicitly racist in a show where only three of the 100 characters are black, it won’t look good.”


I haven’t seen the new IT so I can’t really comment except to say they moved everything forward by 30 years and, yeah, I think there is a danger of doing this sort of thing really badly, to make it seem like you’re just using racism for shock value with the audience. The story is all about everyone’s worst fears being realised but that’s easier to do within a book possibly.