Stranger than things 2: The strangening


I’m on episode 6 and it’s taken me about four days to try and watch it. Something about them hiding in the junkyard trying to lure Dart just creeps me out and I don’t really know why. I’ve got 9 minutes left of the episode and Steve has just got out the bus to lure it but I can’t cope with it. Knowing episode 7 is next (and I haven’t really read why it’s meant to be awful), but argh idk it just triggers something in me and I don’t want to go on :sweat_smile:


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You got: Bob Newby
BOB!!! Is that you?? What a guy you are. Genuine. Caring. Brave. Love u Bob. <3


Not liking this as much. Feels like they’ve beefed up the whole ‘let’s solve the mystery of The Upside Down’ element of it which… I’ll be honest, I don’t really care about. Got swept up with the kids and them trying to get their friend back and protect Eleven and all that last time. That’s where the gold was for me, but there’s less of that this time round. Ho well.

I’ll still watch it all mind you.


I think one thing that bugged me about this series (and on the whole I really loved it) was that the Upside Down has gone from this intangible, creepy extra dimension leaking into our world with the Demagorgon appearing through melted walls etc…

And now it’s basically just ‘underground’ like a mouth to hell or something. Lost some of the scariness by becoming more tangible I thought.


Yeah it turned into basically:



Valid point, but it’s hardly a unique challenge for this show. Most things get a lot less scary once it’s more tangible, and it must be a huge challenge trying to balance that with fact with the morbid curiousity of the fans etc to know more about it.


On to ep7 now… :confused:


You’ll be alright


I didn’t really mind ep7 overall, I just found the introduction all the characters quite boring. When you see the other girl (Eight) right at the start of the season - that was a great opening sequence and she seems interesting, but you don’t meet her again until ages later, and we didn’t really need all her x-men friends. Also her accent was really distracting.


Ohhhh I was expecting this to be troubling. Like something awful regarding momma when it’s actually just plain terrible. Tbh I’d kinda forgotten Elle was even in this.


Tbf my main problem with it was that it just wasn’t very interesting. But sure, they wanted to explore Eleven as a character more on her own and away from the group, and they spent one episode doing that. Fair dos, as long as they did get back to the main story straight afterwards.


It’s still going so aNyThInG cOuLd hApPeN in the next fifteen minutes, they’ve just robbed the gas station


That’s what kept me watching - the characters are so endearing and loveable and have great chemistry, and the whole story basically kept them apart. Also thought Max was a bit of a dud because she was just there to change the dynamic and couldn’t really stand on her own as a character.


Finished ep7. Hmm. What a load of mince.

Gonna take a break and watch Blue Planet II instead. Could do with less Warriors Come Out To Playay and more Oysters Fucking or whatever.


Woah just realised 1.01 was set today, 6th November (1983).


Finished it. Steve continued his meteoric rise and was clearly the best character.


I found myself freeze framing the series looking for anachronisms. Got excited when I thought I spotted a ninja turtle action figure, but it was Duncan, Man-At-Arms.

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