Stranger than things 2: The strangening


Just finished watching it, really enjoyed it. Similar to the first season in many respects, good fun, loaded with nostalgia and lovingly put together.
Steve and his hair is great, think I might steal that look :slight_smile:
Also Dustin turning up at the ball with his wee suit jacket, bow tie and hair, brilliant :grinning:


I just watch the last seven episodes and now have a headache.

Worth it though as it was really good.


Character developments after season 2:

Hopper - his relationship with Elle really got to me…something about their shared needs, shared demons…
Will - Agree with posters above who stated he really came to the fore in this series
Dustin - Felt like he was the only member of the club holding things together when others had their own threads to follow
Steve - Definitely the biggest improvement from season 1. It helped having Billy as a counterpoint to highlight his good guy qualities. Not quite sure what will happen for him next.
Bob R.I.P Big Guy
Joyce - Probably the most well acted character in the series
Max - Thought she was a good addition, particularly in terms of exposing tensions between others.

Jonathan - and in contrast to Steve, the biggest fall from season 1. Spends the season on a meaningless side story with Nancy.
Mike - Had his moments; reuniting with Elle and being Will’s confidant…but he was significantly underused compared to season 1
Billy - Too cliché even for a show that dines out on that kind of stuff
The punkyfish X men - it’s been said already, but jfc


Billy is a perfect 80s teen movie bad boy.

I mean, it’s basically:




THIS was mostly bollocks with some massive plot holes and stupid bits of acting/dialogue that sounds making me question if maybe it was always bollocks


You are ruining my Friday night Severed799.


just got to the end of this, it was alright. think it was a shame 11 was kept away from the group for most of the series


I have a AMA thread if you wanna talk about it


Of course I guess a few of us thank Jonathan for his time drumming for Comanechi though?


There’s so much bollocks though;

Ooh I’m friends with this horrible killer monster!
Ooh punks are bad!
Ooh no one bothered to check if we were secretly recording your super secret lab!
Ooh by the way I have a shitty dad but I’m still otherwise a total wank!
Ooh Eleven isnt a student here’s but fuck it!

Get fucked.


I would happily watch a Youtube series of you condensing Hollywood bullshit down to “Ooh…”

“Ooh Brad Pitt unwittingly gave his home address to the killer.”
“Ooh how didn’t anyone notice ‘ROSEBUD’ on the sled before they burned it.”
“Ooh he dug a tunnel behind his poster but somehow stuck the poster back to the wall before he escaped.”


to be fair I’d do it if I knew there was an audience out there for it


Me and a mate were gonna do a Youtube movie/game review thing purely for the patreon cheddar but it turns out there’s about ten million people thinking the same thing.


Yeah, tbf as @anon30627475 says, if you’re going at a show like that why enjoy anything?

Stranger Things is definitely a show that knows it has plot holes but goes with it…pick on Mad Men or some other shite


So i’m supposed to excuse lazy writing because it’s self-aware about its shit writing? :thinking:


also i dont understand the mad men comment


Watched all of this in one day while feeling really gloomy and it was really comforting. I love it but some of it is wonky as fuck. Glad they diversified the group but Max had fuck all to do for too long and by the end it’s all a bit pair-them-up-because-we-must hetero-spaghetti.

In some ways it’s better than the first season. I think some of this seasons difficulties are in setting it up for another three runs. Kind of like how The Sopranos second season is a bit off but it sets the universe up well. I know comparing the two is a bit off in itself but there you go!


I guess it’s what you define as shit or lazy.

At no point during the show did I think about the little inconsistencies that you’ve highlighted. Being aware of then doesn’t change my opinion, either. In a silly show about 80s nostalgia and monsters, watertight plotting isn’t really what I’m looking for

The mad men comment is meant to highlight that all shows have errors…but some get a free pass for being “high brow” and “well written”


Well I did? I found them really distracting and detrimental to my enjoyment of the show. You are right in that it doesn’t market itself as a “high brow” show per se, but that doesn’t mean I can’t find these stupid instances quite irritating. As I said before, it’s not just that, there’s also terrible dialogue and acting too, it feels like it’s lost its focus since the quite small and ambitious show of season 1 now it’s been given a big budget and attention.

There are plenty good things about it (most of it revolving around Dustin) and I didn’t hate watching it but there’s a lot of stupid shit from keeping it being particularly good either. Didn’t find it anywhere near as tense or atmospheric or interesting as the first season.

Mad Men is well written, warts and all


Okay fine, decent points that I don’t necessarily agree with but obviously that’s just down to opinion. Your original post was very trite though (All the “Ooh” rubbish).