Stranger than things 2: The strangening


that’s the reaction I had while watching it though! These are glaring plot holes even for a “high-entertainment thriller” that is still talked about with some reverence as being “great” when it’s merely “good-to-ok”.



yes! at times!


Yes this is true…but tbf I loved Garth as much (if not more) for the setting/atmosphere as for the comedy

@Severed799 some if your comments were a bit #hottake though…like it’s perfectly reasonable to expect the monster friendship, plus why would anyone care about Elle turning up at a school ball?


You’re a joyless twat Severed



the monsters are killers who we’ve been shown don’t have compassion, the idea that it doesn’t destroy Dustin immediately is ludicrous.

Because it’s a school with teachers kicking about, and if this random girl just appears you’d be a bit like “who the fuck is that coming into our school” - You may have taken some of these too seriously however.

Just thought of another one, the wise-cracking doctor surviving is also complete bollocks given how mercilessly they killed Bob


nah, the scenes with Dustin and Steve and Nancy at the end were great.


I will say it wasn’t as freaky as the first series. Like, it was also disappointing that the villain this time around were many dog-sized demagorgons instead of just the one big demagorgon. We were actually mega pissed the big Cthulhu thing never actually appeared outside of Will’s visions. Thought for sure it was going to be the big bad. Hopefully it enters the real world in S3.


The full one was good until you see it properly at the end of S1 where it kinda looks a bit stupid.


Kept saying it had a Venus fly trap for a head until the TV told me to stop ruining it for her :grinning:


Well I think the point is how reductive your commentary is, to the point where you can just say “not my thing” and leave it:

Ooh I’m friends with this horrible killer monster!
Ooh punks are bad!
Ooh no one bothered to check if we were secretly recording your super secret lab!
Ooh by the way I have a shitty dad but I’m still otherwise a total wank!
Ooh Eleven isnt a student here’s but fuck it!

Most of these either have rationale in the story or are real shrug things.

And yeah I totally think this show has always been wildly overrated due to not being a nostalgia person.

There are too many moments that homage other things but end up feeling false or lose the show an edge. The whole Jurassic Park bit means it seems tired rather than knowing.

Equally the show seems to forget that it won’t be as scary as before and doesn’t try to create tension in other ways. The whole Nancy Jonathan subplot tries to be mysterious when, if they let us in on what their plan was it would be tense because we’d know what was at stake if they were found out.

Similarly, episode 7 is annoying in part because the audience has been focused on the other group by the end of ep 6. Someone online accidentally watched ep 7 before ep 6 and that worked far better. Still doesn’t mitigate ep 7 feeling completely out of place…


i reckon in real life if a random girl turned up at a big American middle school dance in the 80’s no one would notice, and if they did notice they wouldn’t do anything beyond thinking ‘I wonder who that is’


Got two episodes to go, kinda hit a mid-season funk where I’m not sure I care. This thread bums me out. Tell me the last two are good fun…


They are.




See I agree with that I just couldn’t be bothered to write it :wink:


Think there’s also a broader (and more important) problem with how they’re handling Eleven tbh


She should’ve been killed off at the end of season 1, or proper unexpectedly midway through this season tbh, she’s too powerful for the rules of the show so they’ll have to keep inventing reasons for why she can’t just turn up and telekaboom all the baddies.


Big fan of the word ‘telekaboom’


My one piece of advice on series 2 is not to allow Netflix to automatically start rolling on to Beyond Stranger Things because the actress who plays Eleven is, unsurprisingly, a precocious teenage girl in real life and it massively takes the shine off how the series ended for me.