"stranger things have happened at sea!!!"

like what exactly? got any examples?

n.b. this thread is not about the netflix docu-drama “stranger than things”


People piss in there sometimes. Also whales cum in there as well.


just think how strange and scary the sea must have been for 99.9% of human existence though. Bet until the 20th century, most of the strangest things happened at sea

  • worse things have happened at sea
  • strangers things have happened at sea
  • both worse things and stranger things have happened at sea

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Still is, mate. Fucking sick of the place, can’t stand it. Get rid of it.

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sometimes the things that are stranger than the things are not worse than the things that they are stranger than


  • strange and sexy
  • sexy and mischeivous
  • strange and mischeivous
  • strange and sexy and mischeivous

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in my mind the sea is like about 10 meters deep or something maybe, goes on forever though doesn’t it? That’s the scariest thing about the sea

It takes up SO much space!

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Imagining Steve, Robin and Dustin having their own spin off where they run a cruise line

variations on the tense sometimes as well 'stranger/worse things happen at sea" for example

Steve Buscemi, Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman? I’d watch that.

just to clarify, are we talking specifically the seas? or are oceans contained within the or word phrase ‘sea’?

Genuinely hate it, pal.

The thought that there are actual fucking whales or whatever out there doing God knows what being fucking massive and that is an awful thought to me.

oh don’t give me that

No mate, it’s set in the 80s

clarification or else… imo

TRIGGER WARNING like if you just fell in the sea and couldn’t get out it would take you a long long time to hit the bottom way after you knew that you were fucked and couldn’t get out. Oh it’s bad!

Worse things happen to Seal.

oh here we fucking go