Stranger Things

Getting a kick outta this


My main takeaway from this season is that I quite desperately want to put together a Scoops Ahoy costume for Halloween, I am absolutely obsessed with those outfits :sob: :anchor:


Watching episode 5 now. Love the massive Pine Barrens reference.

Finished it last night. Absolutely brilliant, much better than S2. A much needed change of setting and some great new characters while reflecting the change/development of the existing ones really well. Some Home Alone 2 levels of suspension of disbelief as to how some of them are still alive, obviously, but that’s all part of the fun.
Really think S4 would need to be the last though, there’s only so many times these people can keep getting into these scenarios without it getting a bit tiresome.

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Not reading the thread for fear of spoilers, but just finished Episode 4 and I am just having such a blast. It really rediscovered a sense of fun, properly channelling Goonies vibes.

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Finished S3 on Friday and I loved it. Was so much more fun than S2. Steve and Robin were so great together.

Not sure how I feel about a 4th season right now. I mean, if it promises to be as fun as S3, then I won’t question it. Presumably, it’s going to end up in a Gremlins-esque holiday season extravaganza (the already hinted at reunion of the core group), but I can’t see how the monster in Russia and the “American” are going to join them. Also, a much longer break than a year or so and those child actors are going to start feeling really unconvincing.

I guess they might make S4 when they’re all about to graduate high school and part ways

Think the major theme of s3 was about how the characters are “growing up/coming of age” so I think they’ve got this covered