Strangest cover songs of all time



I just remembered MCR did Desolation Row. I still have a soft spot for them but this is truly one of the most baffling covers of all time - I definately didn’t need to hear the classic song condensed to 3 verses, and played in a punk meets Brian May style… all pretty funny when it comes together

what else u got?


That was for the Watchmen soundtrack, was it not? It works very well in context - it plays over the end credits, and the film opens by presenting an alternative 1960s timeline. In such a timeline, maybe this is precisely how Desolation Row always sounded.




Da fuck is that?



I suppose and that is an interesting point… but the whole idea of MCR covering Desolation Row is just fundamentally weird to me!



The Smashing Pumpkins cover of “Once in a Lifetime” by the Talking Heads on the 2000 tour was not what you’d expect (and absolutely incredible. That screamed verse around 1:40.):


heard some really earnest male cover of the song from Dawson’s Creek the other day, fucking hell



fucking glad i don’t live in that timeline


that’s because it’s one of the greatest songs of all time being covered by one of the shittest bands of all time



oh it’s not a straight cover but my god it’s bad

(also sorry @carmen didn’t mean to respond to you directly)



Really hate this style of singing




Speaking of odd Animal Collective covers: