Strangest Place You've Seen A Live Music Performance

Inspired by Southwest Airlines having artists play live on some of their flights, where’s the most unexpected place you’ve seen a live music performance?

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I do recall seeing Foot Village in that Scout hut in Dalston where you have to bring your own alcohol and there just played in the middle of the room. Pretty sure @marckee was at that gig? Or maybe he had been considering it. It’s possible @guntrip was there too.

Also in the spirit of your thread:

(Thanks to crazy locality shizzle it first picked one that claimed to be from Flying High! :smiley: )


I went to an all-day thing in Edinburgh called Detour, where bands played in a load of odd places. I saw a hardcore band play in the Scottish Poetry Library and a band called Lady North play in an alcove on a set of steps leading from Cockburn St down to Waverley Station.

Oh hey, it’s on YouTube.




Work had Boyzlife, the Boyzone / Westlife ‘supergroup’ play in the canteen a couple of months ago. A strange experience on many levels.


Saw some bands on a barge

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seeing one at a burrito restaurant on Sunday


Glenn Branca guitar orchestra in a carpark in Peckham

Bloke from Frightened Rabbit performing from a tiny balcony while we sat in a field of chickens at Gorgie City Farm in Edinburgh.

I think a friend of mine put that show on. Was it an Oxfam thing? :thinking:

Yeah - a launch show for Oxjam, I think. It was pretty great!

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I was at that (as were a number of DiSers I believe) :+1:


Saw a band play in a burnt out house in Bogota in Colombia as part of a music festival.

Not strange. But the most interesting place I’ve seen a gig was Patti Smith and Lenny Kaye perform at a synagogue in Brooklyn last year. Never been to a synagogue before.

From the last night’s gig thread…


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Yeah, plus quite a few other shows as part of that LCMF thing.

At a vegan squat in Amsterdam. There were dogs.

Numerous gigs in squats, empty water tanks, tunnels, castle towers etc, but I still remember MS Stubnitz as being pretty special, especially when it came to Newcastle and people like Wolf Eyes were playing in there and using the pipes and stuff to make a racket.

Ah, there are videos of the weekend here: