What kind of straps are you confident you could find within 15 minutes in your home or abode?

I reckon I’d be pretty stumped after “bag straps” to be fair but I’d be able to get a few examples. Bra straps and straps from strappy tops would be doable as well with permission.


Probably lots of bag or bra straps, some camera straps

Bootstrap. I use them to pull myself up

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This is really admirable to me.

Vintage strap locks?

Camera straps for camera snaps!

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I’m watching Corrie so I am metaphorically strapped in for a wild ride

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And physically?

  • Bungee cord (must be a type of strap surely)
  • Got a large number of straps for the bike rack, plus additional to secure the bike further.
  • Binocular strap

Yeah, straps can be really useful for securing all manner of things.

Not for me, I’ve just eaten.

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Suit yourself, these things were bloody hard to find anyway

A strapping young man

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I prefer the term “strapping in place”. Pretty snappy


No thanks I’m full


Also several “watch strap”

St. Raps

Strap right now, thank you very much
I need somebody with a human touch
Hey you, always on the run
Gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fun