What’s it going to do?

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Now watch me strap, now watch me nae nae

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How about “velcro strap” on some shoes?



I have some velcro cable tidy straps. Really handy

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This’ll have to do I suppose.

I’ve installed seatbelts to my sofa for that very reason as well


I thought you might have done.

How very top gear

What a quick response and like!

Yeah, I pride myself on that

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It is top gear for a top show

Some of our American friends might have a “jock strap”

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Just when I think I couldn’t respect you more

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Now, as I understand it, this is a device to keep your knob in place for sports.

Yes I believe so, although you have to be a “jock” to wear one

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Could you count the ‘straps’ of an apron as ‘straps’?

Hey, do you reckon there are any shape-shifting beings on the community at all?

I guess you could say you’re quite strapped :smirk: