Strawberries at the moment

Just absolutely delicious oh my


Yeah but Pixar films are shit right? Wankers.

Allergic :frowning:

Raspberries of the past

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Picked up a massive box of them juicy bastards for £3 at Mozzas yesterday. Strawbargain.

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john lennon told in no uncertain terms to improve his lyrics

Supersweet variety :ok_hand:

Had some last night. Bloody love a strawberry.
Used to go to pick-your-own at Ted Moult’s when I was a kid :yum::yum::yum:

Do people add sugar to strawberries or am I weird?

For the uninitiated:

They don’t do celebs like this anymore

Some people do. I do not

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My son likes sugar, I prefer au naturel

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fuck sake thought you meant that raspberries were baby strawberries and it blew my mind until i looked it up and no they’re obviously not


^ kens ted moult

grew some strawberries in my BITTERGURKA in the conservatory. Total yield so far - 4
Few others to come. Left the 4 kind of 2 long and they were…not great. Son loved them though, as has been tending to for about 2-3 months

At this time of year?

Shouldn’t have to…shouldn’t have to.


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Can’t remember the last time I did, always did as a kid, now the idea of it seems a bit much

went PYOing yesterday. great bunch of strawbs

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Spoonful of yogurt on top, obviously.

Half Man Half Biscuit! :heart_eyes:
Forgot about that