When was the last time you did a strawpedo? Do you like strawpedos? Or maybe you used to like them but not any more? Or maybe you’ve never done it?
What’s the biggest or most unusual drink you’ve ever strawpedo’d?
Anyone know when strawpedos were invented and/or popularised? I first heard of them around 1999 but this was also when I first started going to pubs so they may have been around for a while before that dunno.

Is this an Elon Musk thing? What’s he done to upset the strawberries now?


Never really did those but I have in the past been partial to a shotgun tinnie


My mate once strawpedo’d 2 bottles of red wine before a college ball, got to the venue and threw up all over the entrance and had to get carted home


Is strawpedoing frowned upon now because everyone hates straws?

Never been able to do a strawpedo properly but I used to do a lot of funnelling on hockey tours. Once funnelled a bottle of Hock wine in two goes in the space of a couple of minutes. Wouldn’t recommend it but I had a great night.

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Good point, impossible with a cardboard straw surely?

I’m all about shotgunning cans. Did a four pack of diet coke at lunch.


Do they call you the Frensham rattlesnake?


This place is so odd. They came up in conversation in great detail in the car a couple of days ago, having not thought about them for about a decade

Sometimes think about getting a round of stawpedos in as a nostalgic joke but then realise everyone would hate it and it’s not funny anyway

Large plastic funnel with tubing gaffer taped to it. Pour in drink of choice, kneel on ground and have someone hold the funnel above your head. Let gravity do the rest.


always made me throw up from all the sugar too

Last year. I opened a bottle just before my TV informed me we would be late for our restaurant reservation so strawpedoed it. Lovely fusion of my previous yobbish self and the all new sophisticated me.

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They came up in conversation at the weekend having not thought about them since university.

I tried once. Couldn’t do it, and decided that it wasn’t for me. Don’t really feel like I missed out.

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Got a lovely bottle of Picpoul de Pinet in the fridge, might see if we’ve got any straws in.

When me and my college pals were…erm…in college, we used to always go down to the Lloyds bar and take turns buying eachother this disgusting round

1×apple sour
1× orange reef (to be strawpedoed immediately after shot of sourz)
1× Budweiser chaser

My friend was violently ill over the bar once

strawpedos were never a big thing for us growing up, it was all about tanning a bottle of wine in one go

Orange Reefs for the lads in Barnet c.2000


Same in (t)Watford. Few orange reefs and a foam party for the lads