On any record breaking streaks at the moment?

I think that I haven’t drunk any wine for just over a year, a record for my adult life.

Haven’t shat myself in a while. Still get streaks though


Oh I’ve streaked my grundies!

You say that do you, Chegg?


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733 day streak on duolingo



I try not to tell anyone and burn my pants at the first available opportunity.

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The boy is on a 207 day streak on Doodle Maths (although I did it once for him) when we forgot but don’t tell anyone.

Streak of using parentheses correctly: (ended)


i had to cheat the time zone settings on my phone one time to keep it going but i think that was fair

Do you reckon anyone says parent heezys?

Haven’t eaten meat for AT LEAST four days now.

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Well done! Think I am at 34 years.

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Me too!

Oh wait, you meant the other thing. Sorry grandad.

72 day streak on Elevate brain training. That’s all I’ve got on this I’m afraid.

which language are you learning?

5 green arrows in a row on FPL :heart_eyes:

At least 10000 steps every day for 5 months except when I had tonsilitis which I’m fine with

Really hope it’s Klingon


comes in really handy on a day to day basis here in glasgow


I am still averaging 1 rental flat tenancy every year! Onto my 6th year. I really fucking hate moving and also landlords