Streamlined any processes recently?

As above. I’m looking for examples of any processes you’ve streamlined recently in your personal or professional life

mate, I’m LEAN as fuck. Streamlining all over the place

I don’t really write any technical Specification documents after my dev work is done as

  1. Nobody reads them
  2. It makes me essential to the business
  3. They are incredibly dull to write
  4. People change their minds on developments meaning I spend months on stuff that never goes Live



Streamlined my porridge making process.
Cup of oats and cup of oat milk.

Before it was a guessing game and I like to live dangerously but this new method works all the time and I don’t have to worry about it.

Do you think you’ve suffered anything as a result of this decision?

Be careful you don’t oaterdose!!!

(overdose on oats)

(because you’re using oat milk and oats)

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I’m a big fan of simplifying an application form.

Yes, although I think explaining it even once would negate the time-saving aspect entirely, so I’ll refrain. I hope you understand.

Right answer!

Did you see my “oaterdose” post tone

I sure did!

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My car permit is still valid for my old flat which is much nearer to the tube station, so can’t park outside current flat during the day

• Drive the car from old flat to new in the evening when there is no wardens
• Drive the car to old flat on way to work in the morning
• Save about 10 minutes walking each way

Who wants to touch me?


Thanks mate

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undeniably it is excellent streamlining though

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If they made it easier to get parking permits I could quite easily save the world

suggested to someone at work that she takes over some of the work i’m currently doing, to streamline the process

How did she respond?

she doesn’t have access to the tooling needed to do it because she lives in america

Loss of creativity and adventure perhaps