Street Fighter II Remix Project

Mainly posting this here to remind myself o do it. I feel like @Bamnan may find this interesting and other gamer / musicians of DiS


A guy I used to work with would listen to the Guile Theme regularly.

Related: does anyone else own the Street Fighter 2 single that came out in 1994?

No, I bought the Super Mario Brothers and Tetris singles though

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I liked that depth charge album with all the street fighter II samples, but I haven’t listened to it since 1997.

I’ve been mucking around with some of those samples. I think the punch sound effects will be a permanent fixture on the sampler as far as cool drum samples go. So (appropriately) punchy.

I’m thinking my entry to the competition will be based around being on the receiving end of a nasty blow to the head and waking up in a daze in some 16-bit A&E bed or something

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I’ve only just found out this seems to be for US residents only. D’oh.

Tempted to just submit anyway, as I am quite proud of what I’ve come up with so far.

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spamming my own thread cause I’m way too proud of what I’ve come up with. Reckon I can get US citizenship within the next coupla weeks?