Street Fighting Men (&women) - Fighting Game Thread

Love a good fighter. Always been a SF man myself but enjoy a bit of Tekken. Quite interested in branching out, but mostly I just want a thread I can post about SFVI in without annoying everyone else.

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FAO @Epimer and @xylo - hopefully others will join (here comes a new etc…) but appreciate we may be looking at a fairly shallow bench here.

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@colossalhorse GET OVER HERE

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Oh, is the horseman a fighting fan too? Excellent news

@profk has been known to enjoy the occasional forward tilt into a smash, if you know what I mean

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that’s him in the famous Newcastle vs police horse photo, mid-footsies


So yeah, the topic.

I liked Guilty Gear Strive a lot but struggled with the inputs + learning “proper” fighting game fundamentals at the same time. Might revisit it now that I’m not trying to learn everything at once.

I’ve had a copy of Mortal Kombat X since I bought my PS4 in 2015.

I don’t play dead regularly now but for the first six months/ year of playing, I didn’t lose a match against Wor Lass.

I’ve had SF6 installed for like a month, but not got round to opening it lol.

is it any good?

Shite mate. Shite.


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in general tho, am a platform fighter man. always found SF a bit too static and button mashy.

okay, I will finally open it this evening.

should I do world tour first?

Only if you hate yourself. Straight into tutorials and character guides in between arcade mode to learn the ropes, imo.


Agreed - they have included a LOT of beginner content this time. There are people of all abilities online too.

If you can manage the inputs I’d recommend classic controls - far more flexible. Modern controls are a definite way in for a lot of people though and let you join the game without having to learn how to pull the DP and hadokens reliably, which can take a bit of time to learn.

Might do some Ryu tonight. Have resisted as he was my main for alpha3 and sfiv and fancies branching out. Will be nice to have access to a dragon punch.

He’s got some really good normals in SF6. My second character after Chunbawumba.

Until my gold rush with Chun-Li today, JP was my main. Played Bison a bit, bit finding him a bit limited. Spamming the knees isn’t particularly satisfying whereas tying someone up in the corner and whaling on them from the far side of the screen with JP is somehow a lot more fun. Really loving CL though - didn’t get her at all when I first tried, but the rhythm clicked hard for me today.

Lei for Tekken (or Yoshimitsu)
Honda for Street Fighter
Sophitia for Sword Calibre
Mr Game and Watch or Diddy Kong for any Smash

Simple as.


Hulk Hogan Agree GIF


I’ve not played half as much Street Fighter VI as I expected to. Think I managed just enough online play to get placed in silver as Honda. I really need to carve out some time to climb the ladder a bit and find my second character. I don’t think I’ve even used any of the season one characters.

I’ve never been particularly good at fighting games, despite playing dozens of them over the decades, but my ability to recall combos in anger is almost zero these days.