Street Fighting Men (&women) - Fighting Game Thread

Think it’s the easiest way to get any good tbh, it’s the same with all sports games too (sorry), just play on Hard and accept weeks of pain until somehow you start to eek out victories and eventually you’re alright.
Then you play humans and it’s all out the window.

Bison’s annoying.

Agreed. I can take him down if someone is playing aggressively, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to approach him safely if people go into turtle mode

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Lost literally 10 matches in a row to different Bisons. Not actually fun to play against at the moment. Needs a bit of a nerfing.

Seem to have hit a bit of a ceiling with Chun-Li. Need to hit them too many times to win. Getting my Ryu on for a bit.

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You need to bait bison players. They’re pretty capable of dominating but they also can’t help themselves. Shoto characters and Guile/DJ are pretty helpful because a lot of their attacks will wipe out a psycho crusher with good timing. Cammy also helpful to panic them.

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Yeah, finding it a lot more straightforward with Ryu. Chun Li just struggles to get close to him (or at least mine does). Sick of eating that psycho-mine → lv 2 special combo.

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I made us a club called DPinSound:

I don’t know what clubs are for. Graphic design is my passion.


Into Gold with Chunli B now. Hit a couple of Akis on the way up who pulled off some proper “I’m not even mad”-level bullshit. I am intrigued.

I hit the ceiling at Gold 5 with Chun Li. Back down to Gold 3 now, after a catastrophic run. Feel like I need to get the hang of the drive rushes to get past my current barrier. My fundamentals are good, but when your opponents take half your health every time you give them an opening you need more than just good basics.

Still loving it though - mostly very well balanced and just feels good to play.

Also intrigued by aki. Had a bit of a go with dhalsim but he is just too slow to use (for me), although I enjoy his weird floppy insanity in theory.

Sidenote… could Dhalsim be the real Flimsy Steve?

I think I need people’s in game names to invite them to this



ban request

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Got so excited for MVC2 to return then realized it won’t be released on Xbox. This might be what gets me to switch back to PS. I can’t live until I can go Cool Hunting with BB Hood again.

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Absolutely incredible how quickly my absolute SF6 basics fly out of my head whenever I try a new character. Logging off for the night or the PC’s getting lobbed out the window.

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What is extra fun is when you switch back to the character you were bossing with previously and your microtiming has just completely broken.

Would quite like the option to reset my rankings for individual characters actually

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Just ended a Blanka’s 13 win streak :smiley:


my form is all over the place. Was unbeatable last night. Can’t even pull off basic OD specials today, so stopped after losing three in a row to fumbled inputs.

Not to go all Joe Biden, but I suspect my cold is nerfing me a bit