Stress, especially work stress

Do you get it much and how do you cope with this?

I had a fairly large dose of it yesterday, heart racing, knots of tension in my neck and shoulders, rigid body etc etc, nothing good about it. I’m really sick of it.

Sub-thread for people who code or work in IT (I know there are a few because we had that banging > 100 reply thread about coding a few months back), do any of you work in a relatively stress free environment where you can concentrate on coding, don’t have to worry about things going wrong and everything is well documented? There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be like that but I’m thinking these days that a well-oiled set up is the exception and not the rule.

Honestly (/humbly), I moved jobs. I’ve got so, so much more responsibility now but almost none of the stress, because I’m in a much more supportive environment.

While I’m definitely somewhat to blame for not making things, it’s only recently that I’ve realised how we have absolutely zero support and the people in charge here just don’t care.

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I think I might be suffering from stress at the moment. Blacked out a couple of Fridays ago, have been experiencing dizziness, prickly heat, occasional numbness, tension head (but not a headache if this makes sense?)…

I’m heading to the GP next Tuesday to try and figure out if it’s just stress or something underlying. When I think about being ill, it makes me feel worse.

Problem is compounded because it’s not just work that’s stressful at the moment.

Sorry, this isn’t much help in terms of answers…

I cope by quitting my job

I did exactly the same as this. There is stress sometimes in my new job, but the environment is so much more supportive and it makes it so much easier to deal with things. Made me realise that what I hated most about my last job wasn’t actually the level of stress per se, it was actually more the culture of the team and the company and…well more specifically my manager actually who was the WORST.

re: your sub-thread, I work in a tech company (but I am on the content rather than the tech side) and the structure is a mess. They are trying to put some structure in place and things are moving, slowly…but yeah there is very little documentation and it is definitely not a well-oiled setup.

Sing it

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There don’t need to be answers, in other words chat permitted.

The problem with the physical symptoms of stress is that they give you something else to worry about on top of it all. You always seem calm and level headed on here so I’m surprised to here you’re stressed but then i think people might say the same about me, at least in real life they do.

i’ll be doing stress analysis all day at work

this probably doesn’t help you

Fwiw I always got feedback at my old job that I was extremely laid back, when I was in fact a walking ball of anxieties.

This sounds very like where I work then. We have been working on some new stuff recently (remember i was asking about drupal etc) and as much I’m not fussed on drupal, compared to working on the ancient stuff, it’s an absolute pleasure learning it, php and doing a shiny new website.

engineers do it all day!

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But then DiS is absolutely no stress: it’s a bunch of absolute GBOLs who regularly make me laugh and who I could (and do) listen to all day. It’s a little corner of my life with few responsibilities.

I’ve just had a succession of very tricky situations to deal with in the last nine months. Up until a couple of weeks ago I felt like I had copied well with the strain, but it feels at the moment like it’s all caught up on me.

like a boss

i think the problem is, where I work is a startup which basically grew out of everything being cobbled together by one or two people…quickly and without really documenting. So it has grown organically but often that has meant without documentation, without style guides and so on. Those things can be a real grind to retrofit.

We are trying to work out processes for how the tech pipeline works between teams, and it’s a nightmare because it is imposing a structure on a team that has never had it before, and it’s a complete cultural shift. I think it’s going to take a long time to get something in place, even though it is really badly needed now.

on the IT point, i work in an team that grew out of a non-IT related department because someone once needed to knock together something in Access to get a project to work a bit better. while the technologies have evolved to be a bit better than using Access thankfully, the mindset hasn’t - as well as developing stuff i am expected to manage stuff, do/lead/manage testing, do the specifications half the time, do all the design, do all the ongoing support, do all the documentation all in much shorter timeframes than can be done realistically, meaning some of those steps (hi lack of documentation or testing!) get skipped. and then at the end of the year i get whinged at/about in performance management meetings because i don’t manage entire projects and i “only” do IT, because that’s not what we traditionally do. it’s great fun.

on the stress point, i get it a fair amount. i cope with it by punching my laptop and throwing things around :thumbsup:

Currently working on a big project in a subteam of 3. 2 have gone off with work stress.
I feel quite stressed, but I think it’s the fact I know the next 3 months are going to be appalling that I should be concerned about…I think with me I am constantly low level stressed, and when things ramp up and are more stressful I don’t really get too much worse. We will see though!

I feel the similar things I think, but without the physical symptoms so much. I hope you are able to find ways to cope with it because you are one of the top GBOLs in this place I reckon.

I think partly what I am having issues with as well is that I really need to learn to be a bit kinder to myself and allow myself to have down days/off days/days when I sit at work not doing very much. Yesterday I had a really unproductive day and got into a spiral of beating myself up about it, which is really unhelpful. But then I have to try and make myself remember that I have been through a number of things this year which are pretty life-shattering, and I really need to cut myself some slack.