So I started back at work on Monday after 5 months of furlough. Been thrown right back into it, can’t remember most of what I’m supposed to be doing, very little support.

Also got three freelance jobs this week including two 5 minute animations, all due for the end of the week but paying ££, which I need.

Feeling like I haven’t got time to do anything, and I reckon my brain might explode. Feel bad for stressing because at least I’ve got a job, should be pleased I got freelance gigs etc.

Sorry, just needed to vent.

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You’re right to vent, it’s totally necessary and being stressed is horrible. I’m currently on a week’s time out from my work (self-employed) because of the same thing, absolutely cracked up the last couple of weeks from trying to push too hard to keep things going. Be good to yourself, take space as you need, and acknowledge when it’s all too much.


Write a task list with deadlines on it so you have a plan for what needs done when. Pick off the easier stuff so it feels like you’re making progress. Take time to go out for a walk and breath if you can


I know it’s extra cash but could you perhaps turn one down or something so its just a little less to take on? Or could you ask if the deadlines have any possibility of extension?

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In hindsight I probably should have, but we need every penny we can get at the moment. Certainly can’t now, I’m tied in. Also they’re leading to further work, which is a minor miracle at the moment.


Oh man.steess venting thread. I feel like my fucken head is melting. Sending good will your way. You can do it

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This was me about three weeks ago, only with a newborn baby instead of freelance projects.

Takes some time to adjust to the new normal, there are moments when I just want to walk out of the house and lie down in the middle of the road, but it’ll get better.


Hadn’t considered this…

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It’s a very quiet road. That’s all I want, some peace and quiet.

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My fiancée came upstairs earlier stressed herself, so we just laid down for 5 minutes, Absolute bliss. Extremely tough to get back up though, so I won’t be making that mistake again.

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I hope things work out. I know the feeling I seem constantly stressed lately.

Over half our department is furloughed, but work never really dropped that much, so I’m covering a lot of stuff I don’t know much about.

We should bring people back (one person came back 2 days a week, but it doesn’t really help), but I think work want to leave people on furlough as long as they can.

You’re absolutely right to vent if you need to. Feeling like you can’t stay on top of your workload can be such a source of toxicity.

I’m currently having one of maybe 2 or 3 weeks since the start of the pandemic where I feel like I’m actually in control of my work, because our entire US team is furloughed so I’m not waking up to 30-40 new emails every single morning; it’s been relentless and I’ve been a nightmare to be around as a result.

I also know the feeling of having freelance projects on top of a regular job and that’s a very specific type of stress because you feel like you’ve brought it on yourself. Hope you’re OK. You’ll get through this.


Same boat. Job ramping in stress, but freelance work picking up that i don’t want to say no to.

Would offer advice but I’m just as fucked

Constantly stressed. Go to bed feeling sick, wake up feeling sick. Work isn’t crazy busy but I have quite a lot of responsibility in my organisation, and people want answers and reassurances I can’t give them. Living is hard at the moment pals, solidarity.

This, right here, is it.

Was awake till 3:30 this morning just not being able to sleep through stress. Wish I’d just kept working and got more done but I thought getting a decent night’s sleep might help today.

Now knackered, ill, and have achieved no more.


I did it all. Actually quite proud of myself, and magnificently tired (the side of my face hurts).


I keep making my gums bleed because I grind my teeth when I’m stressed. Not pleasant. Anyone got any hints? (Other than don’t grind your teeth, obvs)


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Yeah that’s actually a great idea, I like gum

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