Strictly Come Dancing 2019

Who’s going to be watching? Know any of the celebs?

I know about half. No idea about the others.

Watching. Sad Jamie Laing is out already.

Watching. Glad Jamie Lang is out already.

Will be massively relieved to see Oti doing the thing she’s amazing at: dancing, as opposed to the thing she clearly isn’t amazing at: being a celebrity.

Actually angry that they’re not even dancing tonight


Will not tolerate this Oti slander tbqfh

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I am literally watching my recording of Celeb Masterchef right now. I love the woman to bits, and I really do think she is an absolutely jaw-dropping dancer, but I’m sick of her doing the generic being really excited thing on the telly. She’s better than that. Some mystique retention is required.

Also are they going to replace Laing or is Oti already out of the picture?

Poor old Cappucino. One series in the limelight and it’s back to the group dances. But finally Neil has his chance to shine…

Missed an opportunity to include “STRICTLY no spoilers in the thread title”

Kids’ telly geezer and Welsh Amy definitely the ante post front runners.

Hope Anneka Rice lasts a few weeks. She’s a surprisingly good value human being.

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Won’t watch it but I love Alex Scott. That’s my only contribution.

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Watched. Enjoyed. Think Karim is one to watch.

So they’ve been down to the holding cells and pulled out a replacement.


[Checks notes] Laing’s replacement will be one Kelvin Fletcher esquire.

Is there anyone from Emmerdale that hasn’t been on Strictly yet?


Patrick Mower’s got a few years in him left. Could see him pair up with Oti.

Some proper bullshit with those 10s last night.

Looks like I’m the only one watching this then.

Quite enjoyed this week. The first one where it looks like everyone’s learned a bit of dancing and everyone’s having fun.

Then that mysterious dance off selection with two celebs who’d both done pretty well and the whole atmos gets ruined by Dev and Diane’s obvious mortification at getting lobbed out. Can’t have done DIane’s professional cred a lot of good to not be able to crank out a perfunctory shuffle through the tears. Ah well, he’ll be back wiggling his hips at Christmas.

And perhaps it’s slight Strictly progress that despite three Celebs of Colour propping up the table at least it was the bloke who got it for a change.

I’m enjoying it! Michelle is my fave, obviously, but I like Karim and Honey from Eastenders as well. Motsi is the absolute best judge :heart::heart:

Karim’s obviously a bit of a ringer, but he’s still pretty good nevrtheless. Not even sure I have a favourite now that Anneka’s gone, but have to root for Mike and Katya for the next couple of weeks because: Katya.

Also couldn’t stop laughing all the way through Johannes doing Single Ladies. That’s going to be hard to top.