McDonald’s, Spoons, TGI Fridays, Uber Eats, Deliveroo. You in? (As in staying out?)

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I support the strike, but it’s been years since I used any of the companies involved, so I can’t really say that I am boycotting them today in solidarity.


Went to maccies yesterday and will be going tomorrow so fully in support of the strike today


Is this a thread about strikes or one for people to boast about how they’re far too middle class to use certain eating establishments?


Use Deliveroo loads because I’m a massive member of the Conservative and Unionist party of the United Kingdom. I will not use them today because there’s a pork shoulder in the slow cooker.

Support the strikes.

Would say that one of my brothers has been employed by Maccies for 5 years now since leaving school at 16. They’ve broadly been great to him - it’s all franchises though to clearly doesn’t necessarily apply beyond the limited bubble of my vicarious experience of them as an employer.

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Its fine to just say you support workers and leave it at that, guys.

(Solidarity, obviously)

Oh, @blimeycharlie beat me to it.


Not been to any of them this year I don’t think (maybe a mcdonalds?) but yes, I support the strikes

Is the strike today?

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I go once a week



I use the first 2 all the time and am fully in support of the workers’ right to strike, good on them



Ok cool, my parents are out and sometimes they bring macdos back, so I’ve texted them to say there’s a strike today.

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Everyone I know who (two people) has worked there past the first couple months has had really positive things to say about it, it seems to be good for career progression

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I might pop down to the TGI Fridays I used to work at and see if there’s a picket line, I doubt it though

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Best of luck to the strikers.

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Also deliveroo and uber eats are mainly used by the middle class right?


Reading up on it a bit more I don’t think the strikes is amounting to anything more than a couple or restaurants unfortunately, at least for maccies. None of the three I went past in Nottingham are taking part (though I guess the city does have the scab reputation). Shame.