String Arrangements


Hey, newbie here (although a long time lurker). Inspired by the enjoyable thread on Piano Music I thought I would go for a similar theme and ask for recommendations on songs or instrumentals with incredible string arrangements. My first thought is always this by Alice Coltrane as it’s unlike anything else I’ve heard:


I’ll have more of a think but…


loads of chic basically


Damn. Think I might need more Chic in my life. Disco as a whole had a pretty good thing going on with its strings.
Other examples that I could thInk of was stuff that’s probably pretty obvious such as Isaac Hayes’ version of Walk On By or lots of stuff by Bjork (especially from Homogenic) and Beck’s Sea Changes album.


practically all of Scott 3 - sumptuously unsettling, great combo with his voice


The first minute or two of that is unsettling as hell. Reminds me of the Jonny Greenwood score from There Will Be Blood.


thought it said Sting arrangements, imagine my disappointment


Pitter patter goes my heart by broken social scene, and the whole of he poos clouds by final fantasy (owen pallett) are amazing.




everything nina nastasia’s done


If you like the strong arrangements on Sea Change then you should definitely listen to Histoire de Melody Nelson by serge Gainsborough - big inspiration on parts of Sea Change and really, really good in its own right (if you ignore the troubling relationship at its core)