Student Loan Refund


Hi friends, got a letter through the post saying I am due a student loan refund, googling the number takes me here:,3867513&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

And here:

Scam you reckon? The number appears on a number of official uni websites as well


I always pictured you born at your desk at Classic House.


call the official student loan number from their website and ask them if they’ve sent you the letter?

does seem like an awful lot of effort for a scam to go to the bother of posting a letter


if they have your name does that add the potential for it to be real?


Have you paid off your Student Loan in full?

Best thing to do is to call them and create an account so that you can log on and see your balance. You will see on there if you are due any refunds.

Calling the SLC is no longer the absolute horrorshow it once was.


Think I got a very small repayment when I finished paying off my loan, so fingers crossed it’s legit.


How long’d it take you ppl to pay off your loan?


From graduation - 12 years.
From time of earning enough to start actually paying it off - 10 years.

This was pre-top up fees so I graduated with c.£9k debt.


Aye, that’s what I thought, bloody good scam if they’ve got my name and my Ma’s address right.

Fuck knows mate, dropped out after a year so I don’t even know how much I am supposed to pay back, I’m an admin shambles. Will give em a ring I guess, cheers friends.


My aunt died and left an inheritance for my mum, as they’d just spent a fortune on helping my brother attend uni in the US (which he dropped out of after about a term), my parents offered to help pay off my loan. Think it was about the same amount as Geoff’s. RIP Aunt Mary, I do appreciate it, even though it wasn’t the sexy choice of way to spend the cash.


have you got a previous annual statement? My missus had hers arrive in the post recently so I’d suggest it’s legit. It takes them a while to catch over-payers and sort out the refund. I ended up overpaying by several hundred so the rebate was quite nice.


Sounds like you made the right decision. Now I’ve paid it off I’ve topped my pension contributions up to the same amount that the SLC were taking every month. You get used to your pay being net of it after a good few years I’ve noticed.


I went to university pre-tuition fees, so mine weren’t as high as later students, and under a completely different system.

I had six years’ worth.

It took me six years after graduation before I earned over the threshold (80% of the average UK wage), which then triggered the repayments. They were set at 84 monthly payments (it wasn’t done as a percentage of earnings and was taken out of net pay). Finally finished this summer.


probably would have been better off putting that lump sum in a savings account - student loan interest rates are often less than savings rates so it’s not worth paying off early. Appreciate there are other reasons to want to be debt free though.




8 years in and 7k to go!


Not sure if it is still the case, but when I went the advise was to take out a student loan whether you needed it or not, as the interest you acquired after you stuck it in a savings account would be higher than the interest it accrued (when they used to be pegged to inflation).

Obviously, if you need that loan to pay for things like rent and food (which I did), then you don’t get that benefit.


yeah think it’s changed in recent years for people now taking out a student loan.


Yeah, maybe. I knew less about finance then than I do now, and I still know nothing. My parents obviously thought sorting the debt was a good move. It’s certainly been nice not to think about it, and I’m sure it’s had benefits in terms of credit and stuff down the line.