Student Loan Refund


Pretty sure he’s going to give it all to chaz.

What a guy!


Drinks are on Ant!


Whilst this makes cold logical sense, I can’t seriously believe that anyone would have done this. Not sure what returns you’d have got back then but assuming 3% on the maximum annual distribution you’d be looking at making £600 or so at the end of the 3 years for a lot of faff. But then again maybe some did. I dunno.


I wasn’t born at my current workplace, no. That would be really odd.


This is back when savings accounts were paying 12% interest and the loans were accruing 1.5%.


nice one! with that kind of cash you could definitely join in the DiS Secret Santa!


knew at least one person who did this


12%?? What we’d give for that now.

In which case - I completely retract my point.


Finished in 2012 and haven’t paid back a penny. Think mines about £14k. Not bad considering how much education I’ll have when I’m done. Probably won’t pay it back till Im about 40.


I’m gonna have about 40 grand of debt. HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA


I was up to about £19k last time I checked. I’ve paid bits of it off but spent a lot of years in under threshold jobs until the last few years.

They write anything outstanding off when you get to pension age, don’t they?


My bf recently got a refund of about £2k. I’m not sure how he managed to overpay?

I did not go to uni and have no student loan debt or debt in general. Is this a shit badge of honor?


think having no debt at all is definitely something to be proud of


Shame I spunked all the money I could have been saving from not going to Uni.

I got my first credit card about 4 months ago. REVELATION but still dont know how it works really


Piece of cake to overpay. You usually only get a statement annually and if you’re not on top of it (most aren’t) then you won’t notice until the end of the following tax year that you’ve overpaid because the SLC keep taking it monthly and then reconcile from the following April.


just pay it off every month



9 weeks and one dead grandma


you can use them really cleverly and avoid paying interest, fees etc

or you can be like me and pay them all off then use them for outrageous purchases/holidays you can’t justify then spend the next 2 years paying it all back again


Poor Dave


This reminds me. My payments are due to end this morth.