Studio albums that contain a live track

I was listening to the How To Dress Well record ‘Love Remains’ today (which i’d forgotten i love) and it has a live track right in the middle. I started thinking about other records that have these, and it struck me as a good topic for DiS to remind me of some good ones.

It makes me think about Squarepusher’s Utravisitor, which has lots of crowd noise at the end of what sound like studio tracks. What other good albums have a live song in them?

Perverted by Language by The Fall contains this version of Tempo House

Holy Fuck - LP

Doesn’t ‘Elephant’ contain a live cut of I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself?

Holy Fuck going full-on boredoms there!

With the fall i’m never sure what was on the original release and whats been added, the downside of using spotify i suppose.

Tempo House was originally on the album (though there’s another live version on the second disc of the reissue), everything from The Man Whose Head Expanded onwards is the bonus material

not quite the same thing but i’ll go ahead and be the first to say that most of My Iron Lung on The Bends is taken from this performance

Isn’t ‘Electric Renaissance ‘ on Tigermilk a live recording?

Massive Attack - Protection
Light My Fire (awful cover tacked on at the end)

Bjork- Debut
There’s More to Life Than This (pretty good)


Harvest (Neil Young) - The Needle and The Damage Done


I presume we are discounting albums with live “bonus tracks” that were not part of the original album as issued. In which case the first one that comes to mind is Simon & Garfunkel - “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, which contains a live rendition of “Bye Bye Love”.

Sign O’ the Times
Harvest Moon

Purple Rain (I know it’s edited with overdubs and stuff, but still)

Oh Comely then if Purple Rain counts

Nah, ‘Oh Comely’ was recorded in studio. ‘Purple Rain’ was at an actual gig.

I think this is the one that was itching at the back of my mind, i knew there was one I really loved but i couldn;t put my finger on it!

Wasn’t some of the last Simian Mobile Disco album recorded at Pioneertown and then mixed with a version done in a studio?

The Faces - Long Player. Has a (really rather good) live version of ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’.

‘New Adventures In Hi-Fi’ by REM contains plenty of live songs recorded at soundchecks. They sound great too.

I always assumed the Bjork one was “fake live”

Grievous Angel by Gram Parsons has 2x tracks billed as “live from Northern Quebec” , but they aren’t really live, just crowd noises overdubbed

Let It Be has multiple live tracks on it