Stuff (big or small) you've got to look forward to over the next week or so

This thread is because (a) I’ve had Sunday dread all afternoon and evening and (b) @AQOS made things a bit bleaker (I do think you’re great though)

So here are some things I’m looking forward to over the next week:

  • riding my new bike is still fun;
  • might get to WFH at some point;
  • the evenings are getting ever so slightly lighter;
  • our house feels pretty cosy at the moment, like a cocoon against the winter;
  • my daughters are dying to play me at Mousetrap at every given opportunity which is quite sweet;
  • I don’t have to be superhuman in work, just to do the best I can.

Feel free to make your own list. Let’s get through these bleak January weeks together.


Think I’m only in the office 3 days. But can’t remember (if ive got this wrong gonna be mega fucked off tomorrow)

Gonna go see Free Solo tomorrow


Got some meetings away this week. That’s not the good thing, but I am planning to pop over and see my parents one evening while I’m up there, which will be nice.


Got to schlep into London for work on Tuesday so have booked a hotel and am going to have a Me night on Tuesday and then just mooch about on Wednesday. Which I really, really need.

  • Only 2 days in the office this week
  • Off to switzerland on thursday
  • Just ordered some new trainers
  • Washing up is DONE

Decent list. Sometimes it’s important just to get the washing up done and to count that among the good things

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My sunday dread is much worse when i have a massive stack of washing up to do, plus 3 different types of lunch to prepare (normaly including a soup or complex salad or something)

Supposedly my much-delayed Yodel delivery should be coming tomorrow, which would be nice. Other than that, just back into the standard swing of work, might start getting some rejections from some job applications I did this weekend but they will be important feedback for the next set!


My mum’s put some books in the post.

  • still got a week of no work so should in theory do something fun
  • starting my new job a week tomorrow which I am actually fairly looking forward to
  • new job takes me back down to Oxford for a day or two so I’m heading down on the Saturday to meet up with my ATDs that I haven’t seen for 6 months
  • got freshly washed sheets on the bed tonight

Going to a networking thing tomorrow (I’m awkward as hell but it’ll be nice to socialise with people, I think. Hoping people I know will be there.)

Got some YouTube vids on my to watch list that I’ll enjoy watching during lunch breaks, and films I might try to watch on Friday too

My album is out on Friday and I’m looking forward to being able to say I have a new album out for I am a vain man


#2 That I can continue using the -hold down space- iphone technique to correct my typos


I haven’t done the washing up or prepared any lunches :frowning:

Best one so far imho


Hopefully got some books and bike stuff arriving in the post.

R is finally back at preschool on Thursday. Wish it was Monday, but Thursday will have to do.

@manches has a new album out on Friday that I can’t wait to hear.


:frowning: sorry dude

  • my wife has just brought me a hot chocolate :heart_eyes:
  • Diet is going very well and feel confident that it will continue to do so. Weigh-in is on Wednesday.
  • Seeing a nice lady tomorrow night
  • Have therapy tomorrow and every time I go I feel that bit better
  • After a false start today I will be picking my Sodastream up on Tuesday and omg think of all that lovely carbonated liquid

I’m really looking forward to podcasts bc I’m a big nerd as well.

Like the Cane and Rinse 2019 schedule will be released soon and I’m wicked hyped

We have a challenger