Stuff falling on you from the sky

I was just standing on the train station platform, when I felt something on my arm. I looked down and it looked like someone had spat on me with some thick spit. I thought that was gross, then looked around me… On my own on a train platform with nothing within about 15 metres of me, so no way it came from a human.

Anyway, I touched it and it had a lightly-phlegmy spit texture. What the fuck? It’s night time, so it’s not a bird. Do bats have weird piss or something? Was totally translucent, zero contents to the stuff, just stuff.

Fucking shit.

seagull cum


Nah that’s not my style

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I prefer this explanation

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please blur this content

I put my nose to it and gave it a smell.

Got nothing so I put it closer and snorted like it was the cocaine.

Still nothing. Whatever it was, it had no smell. Just like ghosts.



“Ghost Cassandra… from this height… you could really hock a loogie”

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I’d take it to the lab, run some tests if I were you.


Once had someone throw washing powder over me from an upstairs window. It was an Ariel assault.


This reminds me of the time I spat out a load of phlegm out of a train window at night.

You’ve been on top form this week, KW