Stuff going on finsbury park way?


Unclear if crash or worse but seems like a van has hit several people :frowning:


awful how frequent this is becoming. really hope there aren’t any deaths from this one.


Evening Standard reporting that a man left the van and stabbed/tried to stab people

Man on BBC says he thinks it’s a terrorist attack, newsreader lectures him because “it’s only been 3 hours and we still don’t have all the facts”


Ffs everyone’s discussing how angry the crowd is

I’d be fucking angry if a white supremacist tried to kill me and my community too!


May calling it a “terrible incident”

2/3 syllables correct


Police confirm: 1 dead, 8 injured taken to hospital, 2 treated at scene. Driver arrested. Counter-terrorism police investigating. No reports of knife injuries. Grim, but damn it could have been worse :frowning:


It’s a te…te…te…erm… “Incident”


“Mental health issues”, I’m sure…


Fucking hell.

What the fuck is going on, London?

Can’t believe the shite media’s response to this. Fucking pricks.


Grim stuff.

Scary thing is I can almost imagine we’re not too far away from an EDL type group claiming responsibility for these sorts of incidents but then the whole ‘lone person with mental health issues’ narrative works alright for them.


Hope everyone is alright.


She’s called it a potential terrorist incident and it’s being investigated by counter terrorism forces.


Good grief


For fucks sake. This is so grim and the inevitable response from many corners of the country is going to exacerbate that grimness even further. Gonna be a good idea to avoid comments sections and replies to news outlet tweets even more than usual.


Thoughts go to a lot of muslims who are having their worst fears realised - that the looks/shouted comments they get in the street are done with genuine malicious intent, by someone who really may have the capacity to end another person’s life.

Horrible stuff all round : (


Caught the tail end of John Humphreys talking to someone about something this morning and this was it.

Simply awful. Heartbreaking again.

The less exposure our fucking sick media is given the better.


Woke up at about 5am to this news and been struggling to find the words since. Obviously it’s not actually any worse for those affected, but there’s something about the fact that the group apparently hit were trying to help another man at the time that’s got me right in my gut.

How on earth anyone can have such a disregard for human life is utterly beyond me.


She hadn’t at the time but appreciate that they’re looking into it now.


So the terrorist who did this wasn’t shot dead, he’s been taken to a hospital where he will receive medical care before being taken into custody and given a mental health assessment? The same old words for one type of murderer are being used again? ‘Potential’ terrorist, when he made his intentions pretty clear? This is a depressingly common narrative, the way acts of terrorism by Muslims are portrayed as systemic and implicate an entire religion, but acts of terrorism by white supremacists are humanised and dismissed as the act of a lone wolf, probably failed by the state due to the mental condition that lead him to this crime.


Not that it’s been dismissed like that yet but you only have to look at the hate crimes committed against Muslims in the last few years, black people too, to see that