Stuff going on finsbury park way?


Bit like the last Neo Nazi terrorist then. This country needs a serious look at itself.


Here we go then “mental health issues” from the guy on BBC now and “might have died anyway” for the fatality. Grim.


Fucking great post this, JB. Absolutely nails a lot of what I’ve been thinking / feeling this morning.


if the first police on the scene were local unarmed plods and the attacker was being restrained by other people he’s not going to be shot dead is he.


now is not the time to patronise a muslim woman on a situation where people from her community have been targeted, whether you agree with what was said or not.


So apparently part of the reason the terrorist is being described as a “suspect” in the media rather than terrorist (even though he’s obviously a terrorist) and it’s being described as a “potential” terrorism incident rather than just terrorism is to do with the fact that he’s still alive and therefore journos are being careful not to prejudice any court case where he’s put up on charges of terrorism. Because that’s what it’ll be, right? As he’s a terrorist.

With all that said, there’s no excuse for all the dog whistle stuff being thrown around by the gutter press. Some apalling stuff being written and I struggle to believe that some outlets would be throwing the word ‘terrorism’ around as freely as they did in the last three attacks even if he had died.


Just looking back at the coverage of the Leytonstone stabbing, which transpired to be due to mental health issues, seems like it was reported as a terrorist incident at the time


And I’m supposed to know someone is a muslim from reading one post am I. Not that it should make any difference. I’m not patronising anyone. My point was valid. The police are always going to want to arrest rather than shoot depending on circumstances obviously.


Not really sure this is the time or place for this m9

This is just plainly untrue in London today though especially with anyone who’s not white, that’s the entire point


I’m not gonna argue. But I had no idea Jazz ballet was a muslim. I was trying to point out in an obviously hamfisted way that the dick who did this was being restrained by people so he wasn’t going to be shot. That’s all.


Can we just bin off this absolute field of twat


Just saw you signed up about a week ago and all you’ve done is bleat about BITT talking about the politics of a very political tragedy then come in here with praise for the tabloids after they’ve behaved horrendously and divisively after a major terror attack so just reckon you’re definitely a very new user with loads of great stuff to add :thumbsup:


I will wait for an adult to arrive if it’s all the same to you.


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Only the ones who’re definitely, definitely new.




I was genuinely tempted for a bit but you’re tractors, so.


Yeah none of us saw that Mail headline about a White Van Man or whatever
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